Jan 02 2013
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Is there anything to play beyond Rowdy Cloudy?

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At the moment, I'm thinking that I'm stuck in the campaign. There doesn't appear to be a tutorial option in the game. There's a campaign mode, but it only leads through about five levels, the last being called "Rowdy Cloudy." Shouldn't there be more to do in the game, aside from the options to view the leaderboards or mess with the editor? Right now I'm uncertain about where I'm supposed to go or how to get there in order to complete the campaign, if there's even more to Sound Shapes that I'm missing.

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Re: Is there anything to play beyond Rowdy Cloudy?

Jan 2, 2013

Hi GrayGargoyle,


When you select Campaign from the main menu, it automatically takes you to the first "Album" within the campaign, which has 4 levels.  It you press "Triangle" from there, you will be brought to the Albums menu which will show you all the other remaining Albums/Levels, along with a Tutorial album which you played when you first started the game.


Good luck!

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Re: Is there anything to play beyond Rowdy Cloudy?

Jan 3, 2013

Thanks for the save... save. Smiley Wink


I actually did a little bit of digging and guessing to find that information out on my own, though. Before now I didn't think of choosing the album selection, since the main menu doesn't actually explain the importance of choosing a different album. With the album store, I also figured it had something to do with selecting a different track to play, not knowing that it would actually lead to a whole new set of levels. Luckily though I've tried it out and in the end am on my way toward the game's completion.

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Re: Is there anything to play beyond Rowdy Cloudy?

Jan 3, 2013
Lol i did the SAME EXACT thing!
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