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Feb 17 2013
By: starBlinky01 Splicer 53 posts

Sly 4 has a lot of flaws

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I want to state some of the major flaws that are holding this game back so hopefully people can back me and let the devs learn from their mistakes.


I've beaten all 3 PS2 games twice, loved them all. This one however I am struggling to get through, I'm on the final level though.

Here's some issues I've seen:


The enemies from every world are for the most part the same just reskinned, even the attacks are the same. Some of them having undodgeable attacks and being too hard to kill. Where in all 3 of the previous games you can easily find their attack pattern but it would be hard to master the timing it takes to kill them.


Unnessesary load screens, like when you are using the same character for the next mission. Even if you end a mission in the overworld it loads back to your hideout then you have to load to exit the hideout. Thats 2 load screens you dont need. Speaking of the overworld, why aren't there multiple missions at any given time? It's so much more linear now, I must use only a certain character for the next single mission, so why even bother having a character select?

Another thing about the overworlds is that I feel they are too big now. It's too hard to differentiate one section from another so you just feel lost all the time, it's the real reason they included a map. Instead of adding a map this could be remedied with more creative artwork and map designs. Also on the same note the bottles are much harder to find, but one of the reasons I loved collecting them in the other ones were they were easy to find but had some pretty tricky ones to get to. And for the prize you get for collecting them all, the previous games had much more meaningfull rewards. This one makes me feel like why did I bother?


Bently never shuts up... I want to play the darn game, please enough with the cut scenes, not just Bently but all cut scenes. It seems I'm either watching a cut scene or a loading screen, more than I am actually even playing the game. I use to LOVE Bently and all the other characters but now they're just annoying me especially Bently. All their jokes just fall flat and start to get depressing listening to bad joke after bad joke. I've chuckled twice I'll admit though. Also Bently.. Please stop hacking everything, It's not that fun after doing it every second mission.


Ruined Penelopies character. I loved her character too.. Ugh :smileysad:


Generally I feel there isn't much inovation or deviation from the previous games. Nothing is new here. Either everything here is either as good or not as good as the previous games. There is some fun to be had here especially with the Boss fights but overall I'm not feeling the same happiness I had from playing the older games.


Anyone agree? Disagree? Lets hear it.

Hope the devs can read this thread to help them in future games.

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Re: Sly 4 has a lot of flaws

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Feb 17, 2013

If you are having trouble with the guards in the hub worlds, you are doing it wrong.  Stealth is key.


The load screens are unfortunately unavoidable, with the PS3's lack of RAM.  I assume it sends you back to the hideout after finishing a mission to purge the mission data from memory.  As for the size of the hub worlds, welcome to open world gaming on the PS3 (this is the first Sly title designed FOR the PS3, and I am glad that Sanzaru is taking advantage of the PS3's power).  Yeah, it was frustrating at times trying to find all the bottles due to the sheer size of the worlds (and I still have a few treasures and masks left in Arabia and England to find), but part of the fun of the hidden item aspect of a game is the challenge it presents.


I agree that there was a little too much Bentley, but in a way, since most of the missions are much longer than those in previous Sly titles, it was necessary to keep you headed in the right direction.  The number of hacking jobs didn't bother me much, since there was a variety of ways in which he hacked things.  The tank games in previous Sly games got repetitive.  The Spark Runner is brilliiant use of the sixaxis, and works even more brilliantly on the Vita version (though I agree with others they should have included an alternate control scheme for those that have physical accessibility issues), and the jetpack (Alter Ego) hacks are just plain fun, even though in a way, it is just the tank hack reskinned.


The only time the cutscenes (which most can be skipped) bothered me is when I am repeating a mission for a trophy (particularly Crazed Climber), and I have to return to hideout to start the mission completely over.  The initial binocucom cutscene can be skipped, but not the semi-lengthy one with Sly and Carmelita (pretty sure that's a developer oversight).


The only real issue I had with the game was the fact that the rhythm-based minigames were not well synced with the music in game (one in particular, I had to turn the sound down completely because it was annoyingly un-synced).  Hopefully this is fixed in a patch soon.


As for Penelope, every game out there has some sort of twist with a secondary character (Sully in the original Uncharted comes to mind), so this did not shock me as much as it probably should have.  Dimitri was a semi-major villain in Sly 2, and is an ally of the Cooper gang in Sly 4... so who knows what will happen in Sly 5?


How much deviation from the Sly Cooper formula are you looking for?  It is still Sly Cooper (though it is a different developer than the PS2 entries (Sanzaru developed Sly 4; Sucker Punch developed 1-3).  I imagine now that Sanzaru (who also updated the original Sly Collection for the PS3) has a full original Sly title under their belts will add new things for Sly 5 (which I can only assume will be coming in the next couple of years).

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Re: Sly 4 has a lot of flaws

Feb 18, 2013

well im dealing with major flaw right now. i found 100% of the masks in the game and its not registered as complete. due to a glitch it still says in Clan of the Cave Raccoon im missing one. and i did find all 11. need a major system update please!!!.

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