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Apr 28 2013
By: Otrebul First Son 1 posts

Game crashes on loading screens; unable to progress

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I've experienced the same problems as other posters, when at the loading screen after a mission or cutscene, the game crashes to the XMB. Usually I would reload the game, try again, and pray it makes it to the next screen. But now the game consistently crashes after one specific cutscene (in Japan, when Murray and Bentley go to the fishing spot) and will not progress further, effectively making the game unplayable. I'm at a loss for what I can do.

I had thought the newest system update (4.41) would possibly remedy the situation, but it hasn't, and I've been unable to play the game for over two months. I even attempted to bring the game to a friend's house and copy my file to his PS3 via USB, but when I tried to load the file, it stated that it was unable to load the file because it wasn't "his" save (my guess is that the save is not copy protected traditionally, but tied to your PSN account because of the Vita cross-play.) I have an old fat PS3, if that has anything to do with it.

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