Feb 16 2013
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Cross-play problems

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Does cross-save actually work (I am assuming it does)? I can save from my PS3 to the cloud, and it says the save is successful. I can even go into the the download from the cloud option (on the PS3) and see the save.

When I go into the download from the cloud option on my Vita, it doesn't display any saves (except the one I saved from the Vita). Likewise, I can't see my Vita cloud saves on my PS3.

I have the same account on both as I verified my email/username are the same, and I see my Vita game downloads in the transaction history on my PS3..

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Re: Cross-play problems

Feb 17, 2013

You can't actually see what is saved on the cloud.  When you upload to the cloud, it uploads your current game at the point where it was last saved.  When you download from the cloud, you are downloading the last file that was uploaded.  The cloud only stores one save at a time; there is nothing to browse.


When you upload to the cloud, the current game is uploaded with no further action required, other than hitting x to clear the 'upload completed' screen.


When you download from the cloud, the downloading device (PS3 or Vita) gives you the opportunity to either overwrite a current save, or create a new save file with the downloaded data.  The screen you see when you download from the cloud is asking you where you want to save the downloaded data; it is NOT asking you which file you want to download.


I know it is a little confusing at first, but you get used to it.

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