Nov 29 2009
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Looking to Make Friends in Borderlands - Mic Users Strongly Preferred

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Good day everyone,


I just bought Borderlands today and I am highly optimistic that this game is precisely what I have been looking for.


I am not much of a competitive VS player, but I love cooperative play.  The fact that this game has some bits of RPG elements along with very slick art style became a no brainer for a purchase.


However, I haven't made any friends online so far, and it would be nice to hear from anyone on the boards who are looking to make friends in Borderlands just as much as I do.  I have gotten the impression that not many people on the PSN talk on the mic, so it has been very difficult to make random friends online.


As long as you are friendly and laid back, any player of all age and sex would be welcome to be my first batch of PSN friends.


If you are interested, please reply or send me a message over PSN and let me know that you are replying to my post in the forums.


Thanks all!

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