Sep 08 2012
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CS:GO PS Move bug

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First just want to say this game is awesome, played 1.6 and source, the maps look awesome with the new updated looks, the weapons are great with the exception of no silencers (really?).  Anyway, I mostly play Competetive and Arms Race, more so Competitive.  The problem doesn't have to do with the ps move not functioning properly, but with how people see me play.  For instance, I use the ps move more than the DS, so I'm better with the ps move.  I generally always go positive and the team I'm on generally puts up a good fight if we dont win.  The problem comes in when I'm the last one alive, or most of teammates are dead and they are spectating me.  When other players are spectating someone using the move, its doesn't show them using the move.  It looks like they are using a normal controller. Example, I'm aiming at a guy defusing the bomb, and I kill him, win the round.  Next round starts my team is astonished on how I killed the guy, saying my corsshairs weren't even within an inch of aiming at him.  I know this has to do with the ps move having a deadzone and being able to aim all across the screen, however, this has gotten me kicked numerous times.  People claim I am hacking, or cheating, aimbot, w/e on the ps3.  I hope this gets fixed as I'm fairly good with the move and it is fun to use, kind of unfair I get kicked for the games lack of showing what's actually happening. 

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