Mar 25 2012
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Outline for the next Socom you'd like to see.

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Some people want a remake Some just want a new game with the old game formula. Anyways feel free to outline your idea of the Socom you'd be waiting in a midnight launch line to pick up. Would it just be a straight remake, a new game? A remake with specific features changed or fixed? Maybe you liked Socom 3 or CA better then S1 or S2 and argue for that remake in general but if you were to get into specifics you might want certain elements of the earlier games in the newer ones? Or vice versa? If it could be anything you want it to be and you could nail down what you are looking for in one comprehensive outline what would it be?

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Re: Outline for the next Socom you'd like to see.

Mar 25, 2012

Game modes: Suppression, Demolition, Escort, Control Points, Extration, Convoy, Breach and Elimination.

Map design:

Think the game should have big maps and be playable has small if it work. Also think there should be maps that are made just to be small. That the thing i think SOCOM 3 did wrong no maps desgin to be small. Think each map should be made for one mode, but if any other modes will work on that map it should be added. I don't see what wrong of putting all of the modes that will work on that map on to that map.

Gameplay: Should be like SOCOM2, but more smooter like SOCOM 3.

User interface like SOCOM 3 maybe with some new cool features to make it even better.

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Re: Outline for the next Socom you'd like to see.

Mar 26, 2012

This will be hard to put into one post but here we go.

Game modes: Suppression, Demolition, Extraction, Escort, Breach, Control Points, Convoy.

Suppression: Kill the entire team or draw

Extraction: Seals must extract. Seals lose if the time limit runs up.

Convoy: One truck must be protected and get from A to B. Seals win if they destroy the target vehicle or if the timer runs out. (Either this or make another mode called Ambush). Also, Seals don't get vehicles.

Control Points:Was never a fan of the beacon in the middleof nowhere method, though I'm not sure how to improve this.

Map design: 10 or so maps ship, laid out in one of the following format.

5 16v16 maps, and 5 8v8 maps, or 10 8v8 maps with 16v16 maps built around them. Similar to what they did with Crossroads. They took an 8v8 and built a 16v16 around it.

One mode per map. When the maps are finalized, see if another mode could be reasonable added within that map. Think turining Fishhook into breach map or a convoy map into an escort map.

Game Mechanics:

-Recoil (no spray)

-S2 button layout.

-Classic TPV camera

-First Person Zoom

-Better hit detection

-Snap to cover (theorectically I feel this can be done right)

-D-pad lean (snap to cover cannot manage every surface)

-push to talk in public rooms, open mics optional (for those mess around with friends moments)

-No jump shooting. It stupid!!

-Custom and Character taunts

-victory dances

-Classic SOCOM style ranking system

-Socom 3 style weapon customization

-Reworked, balanced encumberance system

-Unlockable characters via campaign (or no campaign)

-Charcter movement that is more realistic (no sideways jumping, better strafe and backpedal mechanics)


Areas of Operation:

-Mediteranean Europe/Barbary Coast (Greece, Sicily, Istanbul, Gibralter, Tripoli, Tunisia, and maybe even Alexandria): Countryside, Urban, Desert and Beach maps.

-Somalia/East Africa: Fishing village, Jungle

-Siberia/Alaska: Snow maps and Russians.


-Not much to say. Stick to the classic SOCOM interface.

-Include in-game friends list/invite function.

I may have forgotten some things.

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Re: Outline for the next Socom you'd like to see.

Mar 26, 2012

No Seth Luisi

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Re: Outline for the next Socom you'd like to see.

Jul 18, 2012

No snap to cover period..

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Re: Outline for the next Socom you'd like to see.

Jul 18, 2012

S2 gameplay

S1 hit detection

S3's Interface and Lobbies

Maps designed around one game mode ( no vehicles )

16 players max



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