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The Beginning: Founded January 6 2013, Crosshair was developed to attract dedicated socomer by providing innovative ideas such as, Scenario based Tournaments, Clan support, Tactical missions (Live Scenarios), and much more. As you may know the Socom series is not over, are initiatives will allow others to engage in socom in a unique way.


Join us with your clan or alone: If you feel that you want to be apart of this new development stop by our Headquarters (Which is still in development) and register. We are a highly organized group, that is structured based on a military environment, there are Chain of commands, Rules and regulations, Promotions and demotions, enlistments and discharges that we encourage our members to be aware of.


There are 3 ways to join Crosshair:


           - Join with your clan: If you want to be apart of the community to take advantage of our system feel free to do so. You will have full access to our Tournaments, Tactical missions and Officers within the team have the capabilities to recruit new members with in our community. We will also support your clan in tryout rooms.


           - Join alone: Joining alone has it limits, this means that you will be apart of the community but will miss out on the clan base events, however you do have the opportunity to get recruited by one of the community clans, also you can participate on open tournaments. There are much more events you can get involved in.


           - Join the Socom Clan: (+) Crosshair is a Socom clan that operates on a military based platform aside from having the benefits of being apart of the crosshair community, we operate our clan just as the community operates. So clan events revolves around the community events.





Go to Headquarters

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Re: Crosshair Tournaments

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Jan 13, 2013



Crosshair is hosting it's first set of Socom Confrontation tournaments. We are launching 4 separate events: Modern Warfare, War Fighters, Last of Us, and Search & Rescue.


Modern Warfare: is a demolition based tournament, their will be a maximum of 8 clans going head to head in some of the most preferable maps suck as: Crossroads, Fallen and Desert Glory. Every clan is allowed a maximum of 6 soldiers per round.


War Fighters: is a suppression based tournament, their will be a maximum of 12 clans going head to head in some of the smallest confrontational maps such as: Frost Fire, Desert Glory, and Kasbah. Every clan is allowed a maximum of 3 soldiers per round


Last Stand: is a suppression based tournament, their will be a total of 20 soldiers going 1 on 1 some of the smallest maps on socom, such as Frost Fire and Desert Glory...........with only a PISTOL


Search & Rescue: is a Extraction based tournament, their will be a total of 10 clan going head to head is some of the largest extraction maps on socom such as: Crossroads, Urban Wasteland, and Fallen. These are large maps that require a great amount of strategic gameplay. Their will be a maximum of 10 soldiers per round


For more information visit





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