Dec 02 2012
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How to Fix from 1.05 patch

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I just bought this game and was un aware of this issue and have been frustrated due to lack of explanation of how to bypass or fix the whole patch issue.


1) Start the game (Make sure no SOCOM Cache is in the Game File, if so delete it out)

2) When the 1.05 patch promt comes up press Circle to cancel

3) it will ask you to log into PS Netowork & the 1.05 prompt will come up a 2nd time, press circle again to cancel.

4) from here the game will install just the base game so you are able to play 1 player.

5) Once Socom Starts up try to connect for online game play.

6) The 1.05 prompt will come up again, this time accept it & let it download through it didn't take me very long w/ 15/mbps connection, but it worked instantly without any freezing.

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Re: How to Fix from 1.05 patch

Feb 25, 2013

thanks dude

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