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Aug 18 2012
By: YUKnowWhatItIz First Son 1 posts

Socom Confrontation population

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Whats up fellow Gents. Please excuse my grammer because this is infact my first time joining a forum. A quick intro


about myself: I am a young male and like you all,game, whenever my schedule says so. I would describe myself as


a very mature person whose competitive and hates easy 'hold your hand' type games. Just recently I've had an urge


to find something tactical. Battlefield 3 is cool and all but just feels like a rush at times. As of now Socom


Confrontation and/or Counter Strike Go is on my list. My main concern is the population on Socom. Exactly how many


people still play? And on a side note, is Counter Strike a good selection? Any feed back is much appreciated.


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Ghost of Sparta
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Re: Socom Confrontation population

Aug 19, 2012
hello and welcome! confrontation has around 1000 on at times, but with the ps3 being jailbroken you may run into some cheaters. i mostly saw them in 16v16 rooms.

as for csgo, its out soon and could probably be a better game to play now with heaps more players.

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