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Nov 22 2012
By: jamesdiaz313 First Son 31 posts

Murder INC clan/ Very 1st SOCOM. Best clan in game.

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Yo. I was apart of the (MUR_INC) Clan back in the very first Ps2 SOCOM days, I been away from gaming for 6 years and just got back into gaming through a PS Vita, and a computer I'm building.
Anyhow, this message goes out to any of the people who used to be in (MUR_INC). I was the young one, StylesP was the name, run n gun was the game. I remember Trblsum was the sniper, unfortunately I can't remember the rest of the names. We were an unbeaten clan. With all our members in the top 20. A few in the top 10, I was at 12. If anyone is from that original game hit me up. Talk about the old days of making people cry. Whatever, I know I ain't gonna see nobdoy. So, \\/\\// LKs.
Hit me up on PSN, currently playing CoD: MP.

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