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Re: Roper will we get a new list for 1.05....

Sep 20, 2011

I still want to know if pre-1.04 mechanics means mod controllers returning.

So why does a company that relies on consumer satisfaction and brand recognition treat its fans with such contempt? Because...

Sony hates you.

2,754,617 people are tired of Sony's bull.
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Re: Roper will we get a new list for 1.05....

Sep 20, 2011

Why did this patch take so long?

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Re: Roper will we get a new list for 1.05....

Sep 21, 2011

zpr_Roper wrote:

Soldado14 wrote:

Roper can we get a response on the 1.05 list is it getting finalized and will it be posted today since the patch is being released tomorrow? A replay would be good thanks.

I think everyone knows the major stuff, but here's what to expect late tonight:

- Using the knife no longer silences footsteps
- Classic mode mic system has been changed from Tap-to-Talk to open chat
- Fixed Classic Bomb Squad double round win bug
- Reduced the accuracy of SMGs at long distance
- Grenade launchers no longer kill the user when fired at long distances or over a wall
- Reinstated weapon accuracy when quickly tapping fire button
- Several level collision issues have been adjusted

Party and Clan Systems
- Party leaders may now optionally allow party members to invite in other players
- Numerous Party system stability enhancements
- Numerous Clan system stability enhancements

- Player counts on map voting screens are now accurate
- Fixed round transition freezes
- Numerous UI element bugs have been fixed

Chris Roper
Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

WOW !!

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