Jan 24 2013
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Noob tube... 2 gameplay issues

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I know that people hate the tube, so do I,  but I like using it in coop and campaign. Why can't you force the reload? It would be great if, in the lower right hand corner (the active weapon), similar to the ammo such as 1/3 0/2, 1/2, or something that lets you know there is a 203 in the tube (maybe there is something there and never noticed, I'll check next time I play the game). I was playing coop on cowntdown takedown, late joined a match in progress, shot a tube, then fired some bullets, which prevents the tube reload. Headed left to take the high ground and take out the sniper, then out the other side to tube the 3 mg carriers, while trying to shoot the tube, no grenade in the launcher, needed to be reloaded and was shot in the face and was downed. Please don't tell me I should have fired the gl and it would have been reloaded. This I know. I thought I gave the character enough time to reloaded it. And there is no way I am aware of to know if there is a 203 in the tube. Why, went you are using sticky cover and shoot the noob tube, does the character stay standing for about an entire second after I let go of L1? It would be nice if the character can get back in cover quicker.

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