Mar 25 2006
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kh2 questions here

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Alright, now I beat Kingdom hearts 1 and Chain of Memories with 100% on both. All chests opened, all cards, dalmations ect. I still don't understand some of KH2. I see previews and they just confuse me.

1. Whats the point of Roxas?

2. Sora gets trapped in a white globish thing by a blond haired girl, whats this do, mix his memory up?

3. Whats the point of the Tron?

4. Why do so many people have keyblades?

5. Why are there so many keyblades? I know there are many types of em, but theres like 5 people that hold 2 of them, so why is there so many.

6. How many new keyblades are there,

7. Whats each drive do?

8. Can you use 2 of the same keyblade when you're using dual keyblades?

I remember having more questions, but I forgot... Oh well.

For anyone who wants to see the up coming commercial for it, heres the link.
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