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Re: What the hell is wrong with Square-Enix?

Mar 21, 2010

I read something about this before.  I don't think he actually thinks those games are RPG's, he just used those games as an example of the main difference between JRPG"s, and WRPG's.  I forget now what his point was....but he just used those games for his example instead of using actual WRPG's.  I suppose because Eidos made those games...but I don't think he beleives them to be RPG" least I hope not.  Though I also read somewhere which was kind of interesting....about how so many games are cross polinating...meaning tons of games have RPG elements in them that whos to say what an RPG is anymore and maybe we need some new classifications in RPG's.   But thats another topic.


Anyway I agree with what you said though in Enix needs to drop their fixations.  I am so fed up with their western obsession as well and it is just clouding their objectives.  I can play western games all I  I don't want identical games coming from Japan.  I love Japanese games because they are different, if they are going to be making the same games we have here, well then whats the point?

Also it is diluting what made their games good.  They just need to go back, re-focus and make games again.  Not make games that cater to the west, not make games that cater to their goldfish, but make games that they want to make.  Artists don't usually make art for other people, they make it for themselves.  And that is usually what makes it good.  Some will like it, some will hate it but you can't help that.  Square is trying to make games that everyone will like.  That is not possible.  And by doing so they dilute the experience so badly that no one likes it because its trash.  I just wish they would make a game they want to make and screw the public.  Then we'll probably get a good game from them again.

Yes! No! wait...what was the question again?

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