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WKC mage build FAQ

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Q.  Which stats should I focus on and which trees should I skill up first?

A.  Focus on INT primarily.  Make sure that as many pieces of your gear have INT on them as possible.  Go down the Elemental tree first then go down the staff tree and the Divine tree at the same time.

Q.  How can I build for Pro healer?

A.  2 ways.  Build for MP do this by enchaning as many pieces or armor to +10 as you can.  Get those MP bonuses.  Wear MP rings.  Another way is to build for SPR just need to use SPR rings instead of MP and pick a staff that will give SPR bonus if you enhance to +10.  You are also regening MP as long as you are out of combat.


Q.  As Prohealer what kind of armor should I wear?  

A.  Shield and metal.  I know it sounds wierd.  But this is the best way.  Healing magic can be casted outside of combat so there is NO action wheel for healers so wear the heaviest armor you can.  Shield will give good VIT SPR MP and HP bonuses if ehanced to +10


Q.  Which spells should I add to my palette?  

A.  Assuming you have all spells available. DO NOT put any Divine magic other than debuffs into your action palette.  You may want to discuss this with your team prior to mission.  Designate which player will cast which debuffs.  Everyone should carry an even amount of the workload, same goes for buffs.  As for elemental the more MP a spell costs to cast the longer it will take.  The best way that I have found to setup my palette is always have Hurricane, eruption, blizzard, and comet.  These spells have a nice bonus to them.  The can sometimes interrupt attacks. 


Q. I'm having trouble sticking dbuffs.  Is it worth it to even have these?

A.  Like some monsters are weak to certain elements some monsters are also weak to status effects.  Just because they are weak to water doesn't mean you can cast siren's tear and sleep them.  Automata are not weak to any status other than slow, molify, and fatigue.  Trolls are weak to paralyze, greavers are weak to sleep, dragons not sure, and giants not sure.  


Q.  The melees are killing everything before I can get a spell off. What do I do?

A.  NOTHING! This is the way it should be.  Let the melees charge in and throw caution to the wind.  It's what they do best.  If you go around nuking everything dead they can't get AC chips.  No AC means no voke or threaten.  No voke or threaten means you tank.  Rather what you should be doing is watching attentively if they need buffs heals or remedy.  If not then start using pray rather than nuking.  Start charging and saving those AC for the boss fight ahead.  The best way to start a boss fight is if everyone has full chips.


Q. I'm jealous of Melee DD and I'm thinking about switching to melee. Is that bad?

A.  No it's not but it's also not neccessary.  Mages can melee DD.  Oh yeah yes they can.  They just don't go about it like other melees.  Mages almost have to focus 100% on using primarily elemental staff attacks.  Mage combos are shorter which is a good thing.  It's all about the INT.  Although, melee dmg is calculated by atk and str is the striking modifier mages will still be best off focusing on INT.  Build your mage in elemental, divine, staff, longsword, and axe, and bow.  Assuming you charged AC like you are supposed to on the way to boss fights you should have 10AC, if not pop a charge drink or 2.  This is enough to cast the related seeker from staff and run the actual combo.  If built correctly, you can do 1600 with 5 chips, and some other melees need to use 13 chips to do 4k so it kinda evens out.


Q.  What happens when I face an opponent with NO elemental weaknesses? Do I just heal and leave it to the DD?

A.  That's one way to do it. But ironically, the 3 bosses that don't have elemental weaknesses are all weak to striking.  That's right, nice work level 5 for making mage OP.  If you charged your ACs there is a 13 chip striking combo that you can use on ancient dragon.  Swap your gearset and so that it's all str, and make a combo worth 13 chips and +20 striking.  If ancient dragon is debuffed and you fully buffed you can do about 1700dmg +bonus which is actually the same as what you will see everyone else(axe users included) doing for dps.

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Re: WKC mage build FAQ

Feb 21, 2010
thanks, ROFL finally, to bad we dont have a WKC section we could start getting things stickied
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Re: WKC mage build FAQ

Feb 22, 2010

Very useful information Severancepay.


I thank you and my Mage thanks you as well.  I myself have been tempted to switch to some form of melee, but I get enough of that through the SP campaign using Leonard & friends.

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