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Mar 27 2006
By: rpggmrmom~ Monster Hunter 33 posts

There r blocks of BLACK ABYSS on my Champs of Norrath game..??...

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I recently bought Champions of Norrath,realms of everquest from a preplayed place that i have been going 2 for years without a problem,but this game has some glitch ive Never seen before. when i load to a certain area(offline)parts of it are BLACK,but there are still enemys,fire pits and trees. i can run around in it but it freezes everytime i try to save,leave the area,or get to a cut scene. the disk doesnt look bad,there are a few minor scratches,but nothing that i havent seen in others that play just fine,should i bother to take it into a place i know that will prof clean it or does anyone no whats up and can tell me if the game is just a coaster now!!!!?????
(i only payed 8 for the game and the place i have to go to clean it is an hour away&will cost me 3) :womanhappy:
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Re: There r blocks of BLACK ABYSS on my Champs of Norrath game..??...

Mar 27, 2006
GrrlGamer's website says ever copy that she had rented had problems with lock-ups.
If you can return it, I would, otherwise call Sony and see if you can get the game replaced. Don't tell them that it was used before you bought it and make sure you have a copy (not the original) of the receipt.
Good luck.
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