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Apr 21 2000
By: tinybronco~old Lombax Warrior 205 posts

The definitive and FINAL answer regarding Aeris' death..

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Well, I've been away for ages and was reading some old posts when I came across something about Aeris and her death. Well, for all those who want to know what what, here it is.
Yes, Aeris WAS supposed to die in order for the story to move on, the glowing 'white' materia and all that. Her death is and remains an integral part of the game. However, here is where it gets interesting..
Sections of code were not completed for the English version. Aeris was supposed to be able to be revived later on in the game. The fact that you find her best weapon about 5 minutes before you lose her for good is only one of many hints. The reason CODEMASTER saw her with a gameshark was because, yes, she was SUPPOSED to be there at the end of the game. Aeris was supposed to be revived in the flower bed inside the church in Midgar. Why this aspect was left out I do not know, as far as I am aware she can be revived in the Japanese version and it is only us English speakers who are missing out. The most probable reason I have heard for this flaw in the English version is that the game was basically rushed to meet deadlines.. sad but probably true. Well, thats the way it is sometimes (just look at Gran Turismo 2 for proof of THAT!!)
If anyone else has anything they'd like to add please feel free, but there you have it, the sad and awful truth. I dont mind that Aeris died and didn't return, though it would have been nice if she had returned.. oh well...

'I got a Good Feeling!! This is the Way!!'
'I got a Good Feeling!! This is the Way!!'
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