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Apr 20 2000
By: codemaster~old First Son 30 posts

The ZACH (FF7) Theory...

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Zach, the character that Cloud based his story apon, the other pokey haired kid. What happened to him? We may never know, but I have a theory. If you follow the story of the game very carefully you have to work backwards to figure out Zach's story. I believe that the story begins in the blown up town of Gongaga. If you recall when you talk to the parents of Zach with Aeris and Tifa in your party they will walk out on your conversation and go to their own little areas. When you talk to them, you may think that at one point they both had an affair with him. It is partly true. When you get to the Niebelheim flashback with Tifa inside Cloud's mind when you watch the sequence carefully you find that Zach found Tifa beaten and went to face sephiroth where he was defeated. You never really know what happened to Zach. All that is sure is that is why Tifa left the room. Then if you inter the Niebelheim mansion in disk three you see the flash back when Cloud has Mako Poisoning. You learn that Dr. Hojo must have brought Cloud and Zach back to live by way of that Mako charge that all 1st Class soldiers had. When they get to Midgar at the very end of the Seqence Zach is killed. Or so it seems. Now about Aeris's connection to Zach. If you recall from disk 1 in Aeris's town there is a guy in the Pipe that seems to be sick, when you enter there with Aeris she asks you to help him and makes it seem like he was found by her that way. Well if you look really closly under the man in the pipe's hair color it is black, the same as Zach's perhaps that is why Aeris reacted in that manner. If you also recall from that seqence you recall that he had a number 2 on his arm. Well what happened to all of the Sephiroth clones, they followed him to the crater where most of them died. My theory is that Zach cannot be a character without game shark, it was a perfectly placed side story. I have been wrong ,however, so don't give up hope on finding him yet, I'll post if I find anything new.

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Apr 20, 2000
...I don't know if its right but still it makes me think.

Trepie # One

Trepe Groupie #1:
"Oh,how I love thee,Instructor Trepe.I cannot sleep at night thinking of your radiating beauty...That's why I am always falling asleep in sinful you are."

Friend of Trepe Groupie #1:
"Cheak out this weenie.This guy used to be cream of the crop.Now look at him...All over one woman"

Trepe Goupie #1:
"What do I need to do to get closer to the oh lovely Quistis?"

Friend of Trepe Groupie #1:
"Snap out of it!You'll never be a SeeD 'cause you're always to busy thinking about her."


{A quote from Final Fantasy VIII}

{Desire spaws disaster...
Disaster collaspes into maddness...
Mankind never learns...}

Kazuki: Liu! We know were MIDAS is, right? Tell us!

Alisa: You're so impatient.

Kazuki: Don't we have the information?

Alisa: We got the data. We still need to decipher it.

Liu: That's right. We'll figure out the flight record now. I'll tell you as soon as I know something.

Kazuki: Fine...

Ryogo: That's fine with me! I'm exhausted. Lets get some sleep.

Kazuki: Hay, Ryogo! We're still being chased by the JDF! Can't you be more serious?!

Ryogo: You're so uptight. You have to play hard and sleep tight, right, Alisa?

Alisa: Sure, you're either playing or sleeping.

Ryogo: Thats not all! I also eat.

Miho: He's all instinct, isn't he?

Kazuki: No, he's just a moron.

(Both from Front Mission 3)
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