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Re: KH2 FF7 voice actors for Advent children?

Apr 2, 2006

Kos-Mos Is MY-Girl wrote:

Sailor Star* wrote:

CharlieBall wrote:
R they gonna be the same voice actors?anybody know?anybody disagree on the characters?

Unfortunately, the voice actors used in Kingdom Hearts 2 will also be used for FF7: Advent Children.

Again, I'm one of those Mena Suvari haters. She completely ruined Aeris' voice. Personally, I would have prefered to have Mandy Moore again. Other than that I'm alright with the other selected VAs.

I liked all the voice overs and Sephiroth's and Cloud's were great! I agree Aeris is so boring....

i agree that clouds VA was a good choice, i dont mind tifa's or cid, im very  disapointed to aeris. Sephi has a older voice, but it was better than the Lance Bass dude or whatever guy from nsync.
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