Feb 18 2006
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KH2 FANS: Your Organization XIII Member

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well, while were waiting i thought it would be fun to come up with our own organization members. Confused on how to do it? heres mine:

Original Name: Brian
Organization 13 Name: Xabrin
Power: Sound
Title: "Sound Wave Demomlishonist"
Weapon: Really hard to explain. Imagine the beat sticks that cops use. Then make it metal with all sorts of sword-like projections coming out the back of it. Then in the front a large spear-headed dagger. Then on the opposite side of the spear-head there is a "hammer". And he holds these in both hands. When he hits the hammers together they create soundwaves that can shatter anything in its path. I call it a "Vibration Spear-head"

have fun with it!

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Re: KH2 FANS: Your Organization XIII Member

Feb 18, 2006

Xabrin wrote:

Hello and Welcome to the forum. I suggest you take the time to read the Rules Of Conduct and New User Guide. Anyway, these forums are meant for discussing video games and not for making up pretend characters for absolutely no purpose.
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