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Aug 31 2000
By: AncientEvil Treasure Hunter 8491 posts

In Chrono Cross where are the rest of the Radical Dreamers? -nt

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nt = No Text

Lucifer quotes,

The Devil you know is better than the one you don't, So won't you be, won't you be, my neighbor
-Fred Rogers

If the undead are really dead then shouldn't they still be dead and not in need of some more killn ?

Why do good & hood ryhme but not food?

Is there a support group for those battling with RPG addiction?

Who would win in a fight? The guy useing a sack full of kittens or the guy using a sack full of baby chikens, provided they used the sack's to beat each other senseless.

If Einstien was so smart why is he dead now? and if he became undead would he then be an evil zombie super genious?
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First Son
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RE: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

Sep 1, 2000

The undead, while basically walking corpes, are animated by "bad mojo." To remain animated, they usually need to consume the living.

Good and hood are pronauced with an "uh" sound, while food is pronouced with an "ooh" sound.

Proberly, but let's face it. How many of us RPG addicts would have the time.

Neither would win. The cats would claw their way out and the chickens would peck to freedom. Then they would reek vengence upon the two morons.

He had yet to perfect the life prolonging formula that I now benefit from. And yes, he would be an evil zombie super genious. Pray it never happens.


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