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Jan 19 2009
By: Ziriux Lombax Warrior 130 posts

Fallout 3 Complete Side Quest Guide

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This is a Fallout 3 Guide cover the side quests of Fallout 3.  It's a prett large guide that will assist you in each quest.  Enjoy please.  Click HERE if you'd like a cleaner version to follow. 



At first you will arrive to Megaton, meeting Lucas, the town sheriff. With his rather intimidating introduction, and his smug attitude you are free to explore the town.


The Water Processing Plant (Requires repair level of 30 or greater)
-Talk to “Walter” who will ask you to help him by looking around Megaton and repair the broken pipes. While looking around Megaton for these pipes will not be as hard as Walter said it would be, the only *hard* one per say is the one on top of “The Children of Atom” building. After fixing the pipes, save & return to Walter, a chance for a successful speech is next. Talk to Walter with a successfully speech and get the ability to return scrap metal for 10 bottle caps and experience.


Blood Ties (Talk to Lucky West in Moraritys Saloon)

-Upon entering Moraritys Saloon talk to “Lucy West”, she will ask you to head to Arefu to check on her family, and deliver a message. Head to Arefu, save before you get on the bridge, then talk to “King” for a chance at a successful speech. When you talk to King he wants you to check on the people here, while he will stay on guard. Checking each house you come across two safe families, and the deceased West family, explains the mail. Return to King who will mark on your map three locations where Ian can be found along with the family, “Metro Station” being the correct Location.


Good Karma

-Head to “Metro Station”, and find the ghoul’s lab, go into the side room and use the man hole to head towards the “Family” hideout. Later you will first encounter “Robert”, save before speaking with him, and try to successfully speak about Ian West’s location. If you fail you will need to pay 100 bottlecaps for entry. With his access head towards the main area of the “Family”, then find “Vance” and coerce him into letting you talk to Ian(save before talking to Vance also). Arriving at Ian talk to him about returning, and he will eventually agree its best to leave. Talk to Vance before departure to Arefu, and tell him Ian’s decision, and offer what you feel is a good deal between the Vampires and Arefu. Head to Arefu, talk to King, discuss the deal then Head back to the “Family” hideout and receive Shiskebab schematic.

Evil Karma
-Ok so this should be short, head to “Metro Station”, arrive at Ghoul’s lab, go to side room, and enter the man hole. When you first arrive at “Robert” slay him, at this point the family will be hostile, kill every member, you will receive pass codes from one of the bodies along with the Shishkebab schematic from Vance’s body. Talk to Ian, and he will return. Return to King, quest should be complete. (Read there might be a bug; please tell me if anyone has done this method)

Side Note
-If you decided to become or learn the ways of vampire, you gain a perk of getting 20hp from bloodpacks.

The Power of Atom (Requires Explosives skill 25 - Taking Mentats Raises Explosive Level)


Good Karma
-Save and Talk to Lucas Simms, he will talk to you about the still live nuclear bomb within Megaton. If you do successful speech, he will offer you 500 bottlecaps rather then 100 for disarming the live bomb. Head down to the live bomb, simply click it, repair and return to Lucas for your reward.

Bad Karma
-Head to Moraritys Saloon and save before you speak to the nicely dressed man in the right corner, “Mr. Burke”. Once you talk to him, you will have a chance for a successful speech, resulting in 500 bottlecaps vs. 100 for payment of blowing up Megaton. After accepting the deal, rig it to blow, and if you’re finished with Megaton, head south to Tenpenny Tower.

Side Note
-If you talk to Lucas about the “Mr. Burke” who asks you to detonate the devise at a safe distance. Lucas will ask you to follow him to the Saloon. Two things can happen apparently, Lucas dies or you kill Burke before he kills Lucas. If you kill Burke before, you will receive good karma, after Lucas dies, still good karma; the only way to stay neutral is to do nothing. Choosing nothing will leave Lucas’s son an orphan, but this is where you get your payment.
-You will also receive a house deed after the completion of this quest. You can then talk to Moria to decorate, and add items.

The Wasteland Survival Guide (Talk to Moria at Craterside Supply)
*Note* There is a chance at some quests/maybe all to “Lie” to Moria about the info, successful “Lie” will result in completion.*Note*

Chapter 1

Contract Radiation Sickness

-Very easy to get this and the optional quest, simply head to a water source within Megaton city and drink until you get 600 RADS. Return to Moria for a cut scene and a couple rad Away as a gift.

Super duper Mart

-This should be located on the map upon taking this quest, both the quest and optional are fairly easy when the Raiders in the mart have been killed. Within the mart the food and medicine are in opposite corners, for food left hand corner, directly opposite.

Mine Field
-Upon marked on the map head towards this mine field, look for them on the ground; they are grey with a glowing orange dot. Once arriving you will see homes, find the playground but be weary of a sniper who will try and detonate mines near two cars. Grab a couple of mines, they also give experience, and head to Megaton.

Chapter 2

Repellent and Mole Rats

-Mole rats are literally every where, but if you haven’t explored the suggested location, go there to get this quest and the optional easily. Killing ten mole rats, best quest ever.

Injure Yourself

-Talk about easy, I was already at 20% when I talked to Moria, I left the building at 20% and completed both quests.

Place an Observer in Mirelurker Nest

-So use the Pip-Boy 3000 to find the marked location for this quest, and head that way. You will need to enter the building and basically run for it. I ran the whole time didn’t bother fighting with a single Mirelurk, once I reached a pool with Egg sacks (blueish-grey blobs); I jumped down and placed the observer in. Backtracking now, find the exit and fast travel to Moria.

Chapter 3

Research Rivet City

-This is annoying, seeing as how everyone in Rivet City knows nothing, and the one who does is behind a 100 Lockpick door. Talking to “Banon” will complete the main quest, who is located in the market, a shop keeper. With high enough speech you can get more info about talking to Belle Bone regarding the optional quest info. She will tell you nothing, especially a successful speech. To find Dr.Pinkerton who has the correct info after talking to both above, head to the market, and look for the door to Rivet City. Go outside there will be a drop, jump to your right. Save the game now swim down to an underground tunnel, and enter another room. There is air in the next room if you swim up and towards the next door. Enter and be weary of many traps and two Mirelurks. You will eventually talk to Pinkerton completing this long quest.

RobCo Production
(Suggest 50 Science before attempting)
-Head towards location, save and attempt to hack the main frame, install the processor and return, if you didn’t hack the processor good luck with fighting the robots.

Public Library
-Ah pretty easy Quest, optional takes a bit longer. Head to the library and talk to the scribe at the front, head towards the terminal get the key card. If you wish to do the optional explore the library, you will fight roaches and raiders. Eventually you will use the marker to find the terminal you need to access, it will be guarded by a few raiders, one with a missile launcher. Also loot the area for pre-war books which can be sold to the scribe.


-Head to Super Duper Mart, situate yourself in front of the building and wait for 1-5 hours, you will be interrupted by “Bryan Wilks”(Save before you speak to him, successful speech gets you a key to the loot behind the dinner). You might not even find him here, you might wait somewhere random in Springvale area and he will arrive, but I was already near his home of Greyditch. Upon entering Greyditch it is infested with red fire ants, find the kids house, locate the diseased father and make sure to loot the place for some ammo and guns.


Talk to Bryan, who seems rather unaffected, and promise to eliminate the source. Now enter the shack that is located to the left of the Wilks house, you will find info regarding to a scientist in the Marigold Metro Station. Head in and look for the scientist in a maintenance room, who asks you to eliminate some Ants in the queen’s nest so he can fix this mess. Don’t harm the queen while doing this, or you will have to successfully do a speech to gain the extra bonuses from this quest. After eliminating the ants speak to Bryan, the orphan needs a new place to stay, he mentions his aunt “Vera” in some city. You can find his aunt in Rivet City running the hotel; speak with her then return to Bryan completing this quest.

Side Note

-Perks from completing this quest are, Ant Sight which gives plus one perception and 25% fire resistance. And Might gives one to strength and 25% fire resistance.




Come on man, not the leg!



Rivet City

Why in every major town is the first person you meet always so uninviting? Albeit the town situated in a rusted old ship, with a bridge mechanic system as the only entry point is somewhat impressive, does this require another general rudeness.


The Replicated Man (Talk to Dr.Zimmer in the science lab)
There are three rewards from this quest, along with multiple options to end this quest.

-Dr.Zimmer has lost an android, and needs you to find him. This android is apparently the top of the line and can’t be replicated easily, he suggests talking to Dr.Preston to find more info. To find Dr.Preston just make the quest active, and head to the upper deck, it will direct you to his laboratory. Ask about the rogue android and he will give you a holotape with some information on it. This provides useless information and directs you to no one, but it completes the optional quest at the moment. Next bit of info you might need to collect is from “Seagrave Holmes” located in the market. There is a chance for a successful speech or pay 100 bottlecaps leading to info on Mind Wipes. Again nothing of importance and leading nowhere. Now head to Megaton to speak with Moria at Craterside Supply, save before speaking though you might need a successful speech to get the info. She will tell you to check out Pinkerton at Rivet City, well now we go back to rivet city. Head to the Market Place go to the door in the back labeled door to “Rivet City” it will be a ledge, jump to your right into the water. Save and swim down in an underground tunnel, the next room should have air pockets near the door at the top. Enter the next area watch for Mirelurk’s and traps. You will eventually find Pinkerton, he knows but he’s hesitant, he will tell you the name of the android and he’s actually in Rivet City. Here are the separate endings.

Report to Dr.Zimmer
-If you choose to inform Dr.Zimmer of the rogue androids whereabouts and name, you will receive “Wired Reflexes” perk which gives you a higher chance to hit in V.A.T.S. But you will receive -Karma(or bad Karma).

Report to the Android(Harkness)
-If you choose to inform Harkness that he is the rogue android he will give you a Plasma rifle and +Karma(or Good Karma)

Report to “Victoria Watts” (Need more on Victoria)
-Victoria Watts also offers an option for completing this quest line, she will give you a part from the android to turn into Dr.Zimmer claiming the death of the droid. The rewards are exp. Inquire people about the android, and eventually Victoria will find you.


Another Optionally Method (Suggested by Al01234 - bad Karma?)
-This method will allow all the rewards from the quest.
-Talk with Victoria and retrieve a piece of the Android’s component. Talk to Dr.Preston, head to Moria at Craterside to find out about Pinkerton, head to Pinkerton. Speak with Pinkerton about the android’s identity, go talk to the android after words. You will get the plasma rifle, he will ask you to kill Dr.Zimmer. Talk to Dr.Zimmer and tell him who the android is, you may now kill Dr.Zimmer, loot his body along with his guard. I haven’t personally done this method, and I cannot clearly explain into detail.


Side Note
-You can optionally pick this quest up at Craterside Supply in Megaton, or Red’s Clinic in Big Town by picking up a holodisk. Also available to pick this quest up in Underworld at Dr. Barrow in the chop shop.


Stealing Independence (This quest can be found from Abraham Washington in the Preservation Society in Rivet City)
*Note* Attacking Robots Makes Them All Hostile *Note*
-Make sure when you talk to Abraham you get him to mark “The National Archives” on your map, the location of the Declaration. When you enter The National Archives you will want to not go to the left or right doors, but the door in the middle, watch for land mines set by Sydney and then go talk to her. You will help her defend the rotunda from 6 Super Mutants and then have a chance to talk with her. Two options now arise with Sydney present, take her along or let her find it on her own, I suggest taking her along because she packs a nice upgraded 10mm sub-machine gun. Below will describe two options with taking her with you, if you didn’t take her continue to alternative ending.


Taking Sydney, but letting Her Die (Need conformation)
-Let her do most of the work, fighting everything and anything, while you sit back. She will eventually die, maybe before you reach the “Stronghold Archives” maybe after. Either way you do this method, let her die, and loot her body there is a very nice gun to be had. If Sydney dies before reaching the elevator to “Stronghold Archives” you will have to walk a bit further, but if she doesn’t your in luck, just take the elevator. Because Sydney is dead the robots within the basement are all hostile, and you will need to kill them, allowing for you to get the real copy of the Declaration of Independence. Return to Abraham in Rivet City for a reward of 400 Bottlecaps, Railway Rifle Schematic, and 300+ Exp.

Taking Sydney, letting her Live (Need conformation on bottlecaps reward)
-Apparently letting Sydney live gets you the exact same reward, some minor dialogue after words but minus the or some bottlecaps. Anyways taking her along allows entry into Stronghold Archives the easy way. Upon entry you will eventually find Button’s Room, with robots in it. They offer you the option to find an “Ink Container” allowing you to make a duplicate of the Declaration of Independence which Abraham will accept as the real. If you do so he sends you to the Arlington Library where you have to find the item “Ink Container.” It’s in a box on the upper levels. In the room where the Raiders set up a turret on the ceiling and the area is heavily fenced in. Return with the Ink, create the copy, and head back to Abraham in Rivet City.

Side Note

-If you manage to pick up “Bill of Rights” sell it to Abraham Washington for 100 Bottlecaps.
-There is also a chance to pick up the “Magna Carta” and sell to Abraham for an additional 75 Bottlecaps.

Big Town

Big Town has one guard on post, no stores, no vendors, and no where to repair. More then anything, it’s a gathering point.

Big Trouble in Big Town (Big Town is north of Megaton and Vault 101)
-To pick up this quest enter Big Town and speak with any of the towns people and they will tell you about super mutants that have taken people away from the town. Speak with other local residents, “Bittercup” being another will mark the location of Germantown Police HQ, where the residents are being taken. Most will have to enter Germantown and head to the upper level to gain entry, unless your Lockpick level is 100 you may enter the lower level. To enter upper level head towards the rear of the building, and walk up the steps. As you enter make sure to be weary of mines, and Super Mutants including a Master and few brutes. Make your way through to the lower level, search for a cell with “Red” she will be locked in, either pick the lock or take it from the nearby mutant master. She will then mention another person “Shorty”, this is optional and will only result in good Karma.

Optional Rescue of Shorty
-To rescue Shorty backtrack and find some steps leading down to the basement, there will be a super mutant and Shorty in the kitchen, discussing his dinner plans for Shorty. Kill the mutant, take him back up stairs and head outside with Red, fast travel to Big Town.

Reward Options (Save before this Speech)
1st- Talk to Red to receive 300 bottlecaps.
2nd- This will result in -Karma(Bad Karma), talk to Red, and you will be able to perform a speech, if you successfully do so you will gain 200 bottlecaps.




I’m bringing the heat.



Underworld is a collective organization of freaks, no literally all the ghouls have gathered in one place, and call it home. To find Underworld just fast travel to “Museum of History” look for the big woolly mammoth and T-Rex, behind them should be the entrance to Underworld.

You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head (Picked up from Mr. Crowley)
-As soon as you enter Underworld head to the right, and up the stairs to enter “Carols Place”. In the back you will find a ghoul named Mr. Crowley, he wants you to do a favor for him, to finish his list of people to kill, head shots only. If they aren’t head shots, you will end up getting paid only 25 bottlecaps per person, but there is another alternative to this situation. Head over to the “9th Circle” in Underworld and speak with Ahzrukhal, save before hand and try a successful speech, if you do, you find out one of the men on the list isn’t even a ghoul bigot. Head back to “Mr. Crowley” tell him you found out the real scoop, and he throws in an extra 100 bottlecaps to just bring him the keys of the three men, but to kill Tenpenny. Lucky for us the map has been marked for each location, it’s just a matter of walking to each one, or fast traveling if you have been.

Dave (Marked on the Map)
-Start heading towards the Republic of Dave, and when you arrive to this cult like compound you will be greeted by a child that says she can take you to Dave. Save before speaking with Dave, and successfully speak with him and he will just give you the key. If you wish to kill him read the next option.
-You can optionally speak with him, run through the successful speeches and then get the head shot(need conformation if this works). If you do kill Dave, you will lose karma. Make sure to loot his safe if you get his key, there is a nice unique rifle in it.

Ted Strayer (Located in Rivet City)
-He can be found in the Middle Deck area, suggest saving before speaking with Ted or you will have to pay a measly 25 bottlecaps for the key. I wouldn’t suggest killing him, seeing as how Rivet City is packed.

-Head to Dukov’s place, save and speak with Dukov. The successful speech percentage here is really low, I had to reload my game three times to get the key off him.

-You can kill Dukov and the two women with him losing some karma and loot the place, not much in it really.

Alistair Tenpenny
-Go talk to Tenpenny in Tenpenny Tower, don’t kill him, you will need him for another quest later on. He will on the other hand offer you 200 bottlecaps(300 with successful speech) if you kill Mr. Crowley. At this point killing Mr. Crowley is optional, if you want to continue below, if not still continue reading below.
-(This is if you don’t wish to Kill Crowley)Head back to Underworld and save, then speak with Crowley(If you want you may lie to him claiming the deaths of each person for 100 bottlecaps, if not)and turn in the keys for 25 bottlecaps each, ending this quest line.

Optional Endings
-After returning with all the Keys you can successfully lie to Mr. Crowley and claim the death of each individual(Might want to Save before hand though). If you do successfully claim the deaths of these men, he will pay you the promised 100 bottlecaps rather then 25. Then aim, fire, and kill Crowley to collect on Tenpenny’s offer.


Reilly’s Rangers (Picked up at The Chop Shop - Ghoul Mask helps in Tunnels)
-Enter the Chop Shop and look to the right bed, Reilly should be lying there, click her and the Doc will speak to you. With a successful speech the Doc will wake her up, when she awakes she will get you the quest, along with ammo code number and a map marker of where to head. The only annoying thing about this quest is how far you must travel to get to the actual location. But rather then trying to wing it and save time, please stick to the marker direction. Head out of the Museum of History and go down the steps to the Museum Station. Enter the station follow the marker to an empty room, look for an electrical switch on the wall and head down, and enter the door to “Metro Central”. Follow the marker and should take you to “Freedom Street Station” door. Again a new area with a Scavenger you can sell to and some Feral Ghoul’s, but be looking for “Vernon Square” door. When you exit the Hotel will be on your right, and near the Hotel is the hospital luckily. Next enter the Hospital, and on the first floor clear the mutants out, then head for the second, simply by following your marker. Clearing the second floor follow the damn marker to the “Vernon Square” door up a set of stairs. There’s going to be a downed mechanical structure, cross it into the next building. Once across drop down to the next floor and enter the “Statesman Hotel”, watch for traps. Search this entire area before leaving, you can find “Theo” and the Ammunition Box before leaving. You will more then likely clear five or more floors full of Mutants(Super/Brute/Master all of them), so don’t get discouraged. Inside the “Statesman Hotel Restaurant” again with the mutant slaying, find the “Statesman Hotel Roof” and enter it. You will here firefight, go talk to “Butch” the team medic and he will want you to go find the repair part for the elevator(Fission Battery, found a floor below). Bring it back and talk to Donovan, he will go repair the elevator. Head with the team downstairs, clear the area and meet up with Reilly at Ranger H.Q. To get back to the H.Q. back track some with the marker, you’ll head down a street and look for a manhole on the ground, keep following the marker. Fight off some super mutant masters, and exit to “Seward Square”. Be very careful for this is a war zone. Book it to the Ranger Compound and receive either Ranger armor or Brick’s Mini-gun. Also talk to Reilly about work and you can receive payment for finding locations.

Tenpenny Tower

Luxurious Tenpenny Tower, South west of Megaton such a great view for the devastating explosion of Megaton if you choose to do. Other wise, it’s full of pretentious snobs, and rich wastelanders. To find Tenpenny Tower head South, South West of Megaton, eventually you can see a large tower on the horizon.


TenpennyTower (This quest can be picked up from Gustavo, the security chief)
-Gustavo will give you 500 bottlecaps and 200 more with a successful speech if you decide to Kill Roy Phillips and his gang of ruffians. To do so head towards the south west, look for Warington anything, you might find yard which is locked. If you do keep looking around the surrounding area, you will eventually find Warrington Station. Travel through and you will find a guard who will allow you to speak with Roy. Three options arise after speaking with Roy.


Option 1 (Killing Roy and his Ghoul Gang resulting in Bad Karma)
-When you are done talking to Roy just shoot to thrill, aim to kill. Return to Gustavo when the job is done for your reward.

Option 2 (Releasing the Ghouls into Tenpenny Tower resulting in Bad Karma)
-You will need a key for the underground passage. Seeing as how this results in Bad Karma there are two options at getting the key, first the brutal style, second the calm suave style. If you don’t mind killing guards, kill Gustavo for the key. If you don’t want to deal with a big mess, find a tenant by the name of Herbert Dashwood and persuade him to give you a key. Head towards the rear of Tenpenny outside, and take the stairs down, then activate the terminal with the key. After letting the ghouls end find Roy soon so you can get a “ghoul mask”, follow Roy and the fiends to loot bodies of dead tenants and stores. When it’s all over Roy gives you a place to stay. This will kill all residents, including Allistar Tenpenny.

Option 3 (Making a deal between Tenpenny and Ghouls - Neutral Karma)
-Head back to Tenpenny Tower and go speak with Tenpenny, take the elevator to the third floor. He will say ok, as long as you confirm this with certain residents. (Might want to save, each resident requires a successful speech)Most of the people he asks you to confirm with can be found in the Tenpenny Suite area, Ms.Montonegro is found either in her store or in her room on the floor above the main entrance. Return to Tenpenny and he will reward you with 500 bottlecaps, now head back to Roy and tell him the news. He will give you a “Ghoul Mask” that allows you to not be attacked by Ferals.

Temple of the Union

Temple of the Union is due east of “Minefield” or north-west of “Canterbury Commons”. It is a small outpost for ex-slaves.


Head of State (This quest is picked up from Hannibal Hamlin)
-Once inside “Temple of The Union” you will need to speak to Hannibal about the Lincoln Memorial, he will want you check if it’s infested with Mutants. But before you do he suggests talking to “Caleb Smith”, a mason that would repair it. Having Spoken to Caleb, he requires a picture of the Lincoln Memorial from the “Museum of History” so he can get an idea of what needs to be repaired. At this point leave the Temple, walk a distance and you should have the Museum as a fast travel location already, if you don’t its south of GNR. The Museum is littered with Ghouls, so sneak or have a combat shotgun handy. You will find the poster in the “Museum of History Offices” it will be up a set of stairs, to the left on the wall near a desk.

-Head towards the Lincoln Memorial, due west of the Washing Monument. Heading towards the memorial you will see no mutants, and a guard will stop you. Follow him into the maintenance door to the left on a dirt road, you will then speak with the slaver leader. He wants some info regarding Hannibal, just say you know nothing and wait for the speech to end. I went into the other room, entered sneak mode, and got a critical on his leg from the corner. Kill him and Sithias, and loot their bodies. I would suggest next to use a stealth boy if you have them, if you don’t this will be a bit harder. Exit the maintenance room, head to the right, follow the dirt trail but stick to the wall, and watch for mines. You will eventually find a small dirt mound you can hop over to get onto the memorial. Watch for slavers walking by, should be a group of two near. There is a back hole to enter the memorial, watch for a mine and another slaver. There are then four slavers on the front steps, kill them all and return to Hannibal. He then thanks you and says they will leave in one hour, wait one or two hours until the Temple is empty. Then fast travel to the suggested marker on the map, he should reward you with a schematic.




This is what happens when you’re exposed to radiation.



Paradise Falls

Semi ironic name, seeing as how this outpost is a slave market. Glad your here on business, and not the other way around. You can get to Paradise falls by heading North of Arefu or Seneca Station.


Strictly Business (As you enter Paradise falls you can’t miss Grouse who gives you this quest)
-Speaking with Grouse and accepting the quest for entry into Paradise Falls he gives you a Mesmerizer(stun gun) and a slave collar. You should by then have gotten your first target and be ready to get him/her. Take into consideration when Grouse gives you a gun that will stun/sedate your target, you actually shoot them, so you must be cautious at where you choose to stun your target. Most of them are in well populated areas, and won’t come without repercussions(i.e. TOWN FIGHT!).


Flak (You can find Flak in Rivet City, usually the Market place)

-Best strategy here is to head to Rivet City, go to the upper deck, wait by Flak & Shrapnel’s room(why two men live together is beyond me). Wait for Shrapnel to open the door and slip in while its open, stun Flak steal his key, then put the collar on him, which results in bad karma.


Red (You must complete the quest “Big Trouble in Big Town”)


The Sniper “Arkansas” (Located at Minefield east of Germantown Police HQ)
-He’s annoying simply because he shoots at you.


Lancaster (Can be found in Tenpenny Tower)


Side Note
-This quest can end without having all/most of the slaves from the list.


Oasis is going to be hard to find, but the best directions is if you look at the grid, use this Horizontal-10 / Vertical-1. So if you still need clarification that’s 10 grids over, and the first grid down(not 2 but the first one).

*Note* This is only the fast travel marker, you got to walk through a windy ridge to get to Oasis, I can’t bear to explain that *Note*


Oasis (Speak with “Tree Father Birch” or rather walk up and he will speak to you)
-Tree Father Birch talks to you about the One, and more cult themed ideology, and asks you to drink some “sap” from a tree basin. Once doing so you’re going to hallucinate, the hippies say a few prayers, and you will pass out and wake up head towards the tree in the middle and talk to it. Once you speak with him, you will find out he is suicidal, and the quest he needs you to complete is to kill him. When you finished talking to Harold head back to the main camp area, while heading to the caves you will come to a cut scene with now two optional endings. To even enter the cave system you will need to speak with “Branchtender Cypress” and just ask for the key. Head into the cave system and start sneaking, you will come across Mirelurk’s, Mirelurk King’s, and a Mirelurk Hunter. Save after clearing the biggest cave room, put away your weapon(increases speed) and swim down below to the north to the next room. Clear the next area and head for “Sunken Chamber” door. Make sure to take the trail to the left, it has some items that can be used for a workbench, and a silenced 10mm pistol. You will eventually arrive at Harold’s heart, the choice is now yours.


Kill Harold’s Heart
-Simply go up to the heart, and click it you will come across a couple of choices, Destroy Harold’s heart. You now get a message your skin becomes as hard as “bark” this new perk is called “Barkskin”. Barkskin is plus 5% damage resistance.


Stop Harold’s Growth
-Click the heart, and select Apply Birch’s Sap. This will say speak with Father Birch, head to Oasis and do so. Upon speaking with Father Birch he thanks you, and you get 360 exp, he also says a few members wish to thank you. One of the people gives you an armor, another a missile.

Help Harold Grow
-Click the heart, and select Apply Laurel’s sap. This will say speak with Laurel, head to Oasis and do so. She will thank you give you the exp and completion of quest, along with three people wish to thank you. You get three separate armor’s from this method.


Side Note
-Either of these methods doesn’t reward bad or positive Karma.

Canterbury Commons

The Commons is one of the farthest places east, and can be found South East of “The Temple of The Union”. The entrance is rather a freak show, a battle royal of the special.


The Superhuman Gambit (Quest will be picked up from Uncle Roe after the Mechanist and AntAgonizer fight)
-You will have a chance at successful speech to get paid 200 extra bottlecaps on top of the 200 bottlecaps promised for dealing with the Super Humans. After speaking with the Uncle head over “Derek” for some additional information on the two hero’s. There are multiple ways for dealing with the two superheroes, but each is different.

AntAgonizer (Is North West of Canterbury Commons)
-Upon entrance be weary of mines, traps, and ants. You will enter her cave by finding an electrical switch on the wall with a hidden passage. Might want to Save, proceed to follow the marker to her Lair, head towards her and it will automatically queue a cut scene. I suggest killing them both, it results in no karma, and you get to loot there bodies for some nifty armor.
=Helping the AntAgonizer dispatch of the Mechanist she will give you her weapon.
=Not helping her ends in a fight, upon her death you may loot her body for the weapon, and suit.

Mechanist (Is on a hill South west of Canterbury Commons)
-Enter the Robot Repair Shop, take a left watch out for the Robots, Mark V Turret. Pick the lock door, enter the room make sure you loot this area, there is a book in this room. Head to the room near the stairs, save and access the terminal to shut down turrets in Section A. Head up the stairs, be careful of sentry bots, save and access this terminal, now shut down security in Section B. Then head to the middle door, a hard lock to pick, save before even trying. Save before speaking with the Mechanist.
=If you speak with him about being a problem(successful speech) he will give you his suit, and stop his ways.
=If you give him the AntAgonizer’s suit and tell him to leave Canterbury Alone he rewards you with a laser pistol. (You will gain Bad Karma)
=If you just threaten him, and kill him you get a nifty suit! Including his pistol.

-Head back to Canterbury Commons speak with Uncle Roe for your reward. Dispatching of one, leaving the other gets you either 200(400 if you did a successful speech) or 600 for both dealt with.




Come here doggy, I’ve got a special treat for you.



Agatha’s House


Agatha’s house is North East of Big Town, East of Meresti Trainyard. If you reach Scrapyard, you’re to far east head west.

Agatha’s Song (Head inside Agatha’s house and speak with her)
-After speaking with Agatha(along with a successful speech) use the key to get some ammo from her dead husbands ammo crate, then exit her house.

Locate Vault-Tec Head Quarters
(Optional Quest, Should be cleared if you have done most other side quests)
-Fast travel or head to “Farragut West Station” and enter the next area “Tenleytown/Friendship Station”. Follow the marker to “Chevy Chase” heading to “Chevy Chase Metro Junction”, then to “Vernon Square North”. Be careful there will be Super Mutant’s, but follow the marker finally to Vault-Tec. Traverse through Vault-Tec fighting off robots along the way, you eventually find the mainframe computer in the Vault-Tec Administration. Access this terminal to download the Vault 92 pass codes, and location.

Vault 92
-Enter the vault and start making your way around, but watch out for the mines. The “Reactor Room” is simply filled with Mirelurks(King/Hunter/Mirelurks), heading towards the middle door upon entry watch for the rigged shotgun trap. If you venture into the “Living Quarters” you will find Mirelurk Hunters and a Mirelurk, make sure to enter the Women’s Dorm for a pressure cooker behind a door. In the Men’s Dorm check the bathroom behind the farthest stall on the right is a “Sheet Music Book”, along with a Key Code To Data Storage. Now head to main area, look for a door on the left called “Sound Testing”, there will be a Mirelurk Kings/Hunter and Mirelurk. Head down some stairs, clear out the area, open the studio via terminal then enter the studio for your main objective. Head back up the stairs, to the main area, and explore some more. You will use the key to enter data storage for some goodies if you chose to find it. Head back to main area, and find your way to “Overseer’s Office” he’s stashed some more ammo in his office. Now exit Vault 92 and head back to Agatha’s house.

Returning to Agatha
-If you bring the Violin to Agatha she will reward you her radio station frequency, along with 360 experience. Along with the Violin Agatha will accept sheet music, return it to her for a .44 pistol with increased damage.


This is the place where you meet Sierra and where she gives you the quest. It’s on the far southwest of the map, nearly in the corner. To find it, the easiest way is to go to Dunwich Building (which is the southwester location on your map) and head straight north.


Nuka-Cola Challenge
- This quest is in fact a collecting quest. It consists of finding 30 Quantum Nuka Cola bottles for Sierra Petrovita.
- Just to be clear, Quantum Cola are the glowing blue bottles of Nuka-Cola. You can’t really miss them as they are really glowing, even in the light.
- Unless going to Girdershade (the place where Sierra lives) is one of your first moves, you’ll find bottles of Quantum before you get the quest. Keep them and store them in a safe place. That means either in your house in Megaton or in your apartment in Tenpenny Tower (which one you have depends on your choice in the “Power of the Atom” quest). Do not store them somewhere else or they will disappear after a while. Do not drink them. Do not use them to make Nuka Grenades (I’ll talk later of the grenades)
- Except for the trucks (I’ll talk about this later), there’s no Quantum Cola in the outside areas. (At least I didn’t found any, and never heard about it). All of them are in buildings. Except for special locations (see later) where you can get many bottles, there’s one bottle in every big building. While you explore and enter a new building, make sure you find the Quantum bottle.
- Look in every Nuka machine. Each time you open a machine for the first time, there’s 10% chance you can find a Quantum bottle.


- Go inside Sierra Petrovita cabin. She should be there. It appears that sometimes she won’t be because she’s wandering in the outskirts. If that is the case come back later because even if you find her outside she won’t give you the quest.
- Be nice with her. She will talk to you about her Nuka collection and propose you a free tour. Accept. She will tell you about Quantum Cola just after and ask you to find 30 bottles for bottlecaps (40 caps per bottle). That will activate the quest.
- Go outside the cabin. Sierra’s neighbor, Ronald, will be there and talk to you. He has the hots for Sierra but didn’t manage to get laid yet (well…the girl is a little bit…let’s say…peculiar). Talk to him about the Quantum search and he will propose you to bring the bottles to him. He hopes this will impress her and he finally achieves his fantasy. If you success in a speech challenge when he makes the proposition, you can double the reward (80 caps per bottle)


Note : I didn’t give the bottles to Ronald so I don’t really know what reward u get at the end of the quest.

- On Sierra’s advice, first go to the Nuka Factory (if you didn’t find it yet, location will be added to your map.) Inside the factory, there will be Quantum Mirelurks (like standard mirelurks but glowing blue like Quantum Cola) and Nuka Protectrons (like standard Protectrons but with the Nuka logo). Progress through the first part of the Factory (note the temporary unopenable safe), then through the offices, to reach the shipping zone.
At the end of the shipping zone, you will find a Mister Handy. You can speech it into giving you the key to the safe and access to the shipping computer. Use the shipping computer to get the list of the Quantum Cola delivery sites, and to manufacture Quantum bottles (you will get 3).


Note : In the safe u will find the recipe for the Nuka-Cola Clear. It’s linked to a free quest (see the message found on the mercenary corpse in the Factory). You can give the recipe to Ledoux (don’t remember his first name) at the Red Rocket Factory for a reward (don’t remember the reward either…sorry)

Now it’s time to visit the delivery sites.


Super Duper Mart : There’s a chance you already got these bottles if you made the “Find food at the Super Duper Mart” part of the the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. If you didn’t, beware of the raiders. The bottles (I think there are 8 ) are in the back room where is the Protectron.
There’s also a truck near the Mart, with boxes of Nuka in the back, including a few Quantums.


Old Olney : Don’t go there if you are a low Lvl (this place looks like a Deatchclaw-palooza. Really lots of Deathclaws, often attacking you 2 at the same time). Don’t go into the sewers (nothing to find here related to the quest and still more Deathclaws).
On the entrance steps of a house, you will find a message saying that the Quantum Cola shipment didn’t arrive at Old Olney. Search a gas station east of the town. The truck is here with the bottles in the back.


Paradise Falls : The bottles are in Eulogy Jones (the leader) home, behind the staircase leading to second floor.

This three places will give you around 20 bottles. With the one you stocked into your house, you should have your 30. Go back to Sierra and give her the bottles. Quest ended and achievement unlocked.

Sierra will reward you with the Nuka Grenade plan and also with the Quantum Pie recipe (never minded to get one baked. Don’t know what the effects are).


Notes on the Nuka Grenades

- Once the quest is ended, feel free to use the Quantum bottles you use to make grenades. They are really powerful. Only the Fatman and the Alien Gun do more damage.
- Try to collect the three plans of the Grenade. The second one is sold by one of the Caravan traders (Doc Hoff, the drugs seller). The third one is at the end of the Yao Guai Cave part of the Cliffside Cavers location (not the Yao Guai Cave location). Even if it’s a good thing for all weapons, having the v.3 of the Nuka Grenades is the best. It allows to create 3 grenades with only one sample of the ingredients (1 Nuka Cola Quantum,1 Tin Can,1 Abraxo Cleaner,1 Turpentine)


Credits as thus far,

Shadow Sniper (Has Helped with the majority of the Side Quests! Thanks a lot! )
Omegafr (wrote the whole Nuka-Cola Challenge! )
XxHektikxX (Clarify info on “The Replicated Man” “Tenpenny Tower”)
Ry Fryy (Clarify info on 2 quests thus far)
DLStChad II (Clarify info on “The Wasteland Survival Guide)
ArcticOblivion (Clarify info on “Stealing Independence”)
big red marino (helped with “Victoria Watts” location) (When it comes to exact details or a path I didn’t choose it has to be this site!)


Thank you guys for reading the guide.  if you have any questions be sure to ask at the official post comment section.

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