Apr 17 2008
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Desert Seeker Synthesis. Rogue Galaxy

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I thought it would be a cool idea to synth my Desert Seeker with another weapon, but Toady (*loves Toady* xD) says it wouldn't be a very good idea. I know the weapon is sensitive to the story line. So I don't want to ruin it. I don't mind tweaking it's stats to make it stronger though. So just to be on the safe side, I saved before reviewing my creation when I synthesized my Desert Seeker. I synthed it with a level 19 sword. Toady didn't say "that wouldn't be such a good idea" again, but it was made into the Desert Seeker II, more powerful than the original, but still less powerful than the one I synthed it with. My question is: Is it a good investment to uses and keep reusing my Desert Seeker to synth with swords so I can keep recreating the Desert Seeker? Or does this process slowly diminish the Desert Seekers "potential" over time?--OR!--Is this what it was meant for?
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Re: Desert Seeker Synthesis. Rogue Galaxy

Apr 17, 2008

Toady will never give you any hints when it comes to the Legendary Weapons, but you can make them cooler (like you did with the Desert Seeker II). If you fuse the weapon with another one at or above a certain level it ranks up.

Check gamfaqs for the full list

Desert Seeker II        = Desert Seeker + lvl 11 weapon or higher

Desert Seeker III       = Desert Seeker II + lvl 18 weapon or higher

Earthshaker             = Desert Seeker III + lvl 26 weapon or higher

Once you have the Earthshaker don't bother fusing it anymore. Just use it in battle until it the stats are maxed.

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