Jul 25 2013
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Agarest Zero Help

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im wondering if anyone would be able to help me just farm the +999 atk and +999magic items. Capturing monsters is a huge pain in the **bleep** for me, as is grinding. On normal playthrough i had got the dlc and had no issue grinding from levels 60-65 to -125ish in the DLC2 dungeon. Then Extra mode wiped out all my items etc (should have researched first lol), and i cant redownload anything. Im at the DLC2 again and i can barely kill anything around levels 75. I dont know where else to grind, and capturing monsters as i stated, for the +999's is a pain in the **bleep** on extra mode.

any help would be good. also before any asks, my party is:


Leonis lvl 77
Ellis lvl 74
Eugene lvl 74
Alice lvl 76
Gallios lvl 73?
Sieghart lvl 64?

i can capture white dragons (barely), i can get living deads no prob, everything else, is hell. Also figured i would grind out levels or somethin before main story is over, so i dont have to wait forever to get through boundary plane/EDGE.

anyone who could help, thanks.

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