Mar 01 2009
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coop-create game- question

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Hi all,

I just started playing resistance coop with a buddy yesterday, and I have a question. Whenever we would both got killed at the same time we had to go throught the whole process of creating a new game and starting the whole thing over (although yes, our stats continue to accumulate). Is this normal? Granted I’ve not played a lot of online coop games (Army of 2, and RB6 Vegas being the only ones), but I would expect to respawn at the beginning of the «mission», or some kind of last way point or something.  Are we doing something wrong here? It’s kind of irritating to have to create a new game everytime we get fragged (oh, and we are not very good yet, so we end up getting fragged a lot Smiley Surprised), especiall since we were only playing with two players which also put us at a disadvantage).


Thanks for the info,


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