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~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

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After a valiant struggle to stop the Chimera invasion in Europe, mankind must make its last stand on the shores of the United States. In the highly anticipated follow-up to the best-selling PLAYSTATION®3 game, Resistance 2™ places players in the heroic role of Lieutenant Nathan Hale as he struggles against overwhelming odds to defend mankind from the unstoppable Chimera. While wrestling with this insidious war machine, Hale must also battle the virus raging inside of his own body that threatens to transform him into the very creatures he fights against.


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1 - General Information:

Genre: First Person Shooter - F.P.S.
Platform: PlayStation 3
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Insomniac Games
Release date: November 4, 2008
Number of players: 1 (offline campaign); 60 (online); 8 co-op (online, 2 locally)
Rating: M for Mature for blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language.
Trophy support: Yes

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Standard Edition:

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Collector's Edition:

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The Collector's Ediiton includes:
  • Copy of Resistance 2 with special edition cover artwork selected by the fans
  • An exclusive Chimeran Hybrid action figure with Bullseye, created by DC Unlimited
  • A double-sided hard-cover Resistance 2 art book covering war-torn America from two unique perspectives
  • Exclusive in-game HVAP Wraith multiplayer weapon skin

The Collector’s Edition also contains a bonus DVD that includes:

  • Exclusive behind the scenes video, “America Forever Lost”, chronicling the making of Resistance 2
  • Digital copy of Issue #0 of the Resistance comic book series published by Wildstorm.
  • A preview into the upcoming Resistance novel, “Resistance: The Gathering Storm” by science fiction author William Dietz.
  • “Shattered History” Resistance timeline movie– providing a story overview from the earliest days of the Chimera invasion to the beginning of Resistance 2.  
1.1 - Sites:

2 - Information:

2.1 - Overview:



  • The game will feature the standard single-player campaign as well as an eight-player online co-op campaign that's objective-based. Two people can still work together locally. 
  • Ready to beat each other senseless online? Resistance 2 will feature 60-player matches set in the United States. 
  • Lighting and shadows have been improved along with little details such as animated, instead of still-art, clouds.
  • The levels in the campaign mode are up to four times larger than those in Fall of Man.
  • Vehicles are in the game, but Insomniac wouldn't let on about their role.
  • Health is now fully regenerative. The four quarters are no longer present, giving way to a Call of Duty 4-like health system. 

Single-player campaign:

  • Resistance 2 will feature the Chimera in a major onslaught at the San Francisco Bridge and other American landmarks.
  • “Throughout the game, the player is faced with completely overwhelming odds. It is a losing battle. We’re creating a sense of despair and bleakness with the story.” – Ted Price.
  • Iceland offers the first major battle against the Chimera.
  • Aerial battles will play a bigger role this time around as Ted Price details, "It's an airborne fleet, versus the ground-based forces we saw in Resistance 1".
  • This time around, Resistance will utilize motion capture to exhibit more believable movements within the characters.
  • Having heard complaints about a lackluster beginning to the first game, Resistance 2 will open with a bang.
  • “We want to break things up and include these monstrous bosses – things that are much larger than anything you saw in Resistance 1” – Ted Price.
  • The game's AI has been overhauled -- they have improved routines and detachable armor pieces -- and boss battles will be more important than ever.
  • The game's set in the '50s, but expect a more modern U.S. landscape as well as a focus on the aerial side of the Chimeran attack.
  • Sorry, Rachel; the campaign will pick up from Fall of Man's epilogue and stick solely with Nathan Hale as he copes with getting shot down in Iceland, escaping to the states and joining the "Sentinels" program.
  • The weapon wheel from the first game is replaced now by Hale's only carrying two weapons at a time.

8-player co-op campaign:

  • There will be classes. Characters will start out from one of three basic templates -- a "tank-style" soldier rocking a chain gun, a "Special Ops class" that seems like a sniper or a medic whose Phoenix gun will hurt enemies and heal allies -- and go from there.
  • Large bosses will be fought, as well as dozens of Chimera at once.

Competitive online: 

  • When you and a team of friends head into battle, there will not be a selectable difficulty. Insomniac will be auto-scaling the challenge to the skill of you and your squad. When you jump into a random online match, you'll be teamed with partners and opponents who are around your personal level.
  • "Personal" is going to be a big word in Resistance 2. The game will have dedicated servers for gaming, community and stats as well as gamer profile pages on In-game, the setup will be completely open when it comes to clans and parties -- the era of invites has come to a close.

2.2 Controls:


X - Jump

Circle  - Use Grenade

Square - Reload

Triangle - Weapon Select

L1 - Toggle Zoom

L2 - Sprint

L3 - Crouch

R1 - Primary Fire

R2 - Alternate Fire

R3 - Action/Melee

D-Pad Up - Grenade Type

D-Pad Left - Map

D-Pad Right - Spotlight

D-Pad Down - Berserk

Select - Scoreboard

Start - Menu


2.3 Trophies:



  • Rampage! - Kill 40 hybrids in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Covert Ops - Collect 5 pieces of Intel in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Nowhere to Hide - Tag and kill 30 enemies with the Bullseye in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Sharpshooter - Get 30 headshots while scoped in with the Fareye or Marksman in the Single Player Campaign. 
  • Explosives Expert - Get 150 kills with the Carbine 40mm, LAARK, or Frag Grenade in the Single Player Campaign.
  • They Go "Boom" - Get 30 kills with the Magnum secondary fire in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Pyromaniac - Set 100 enemies of fire with the Bellock Semi-Automic, Air-Fuel Grenade, Spider Grenade, or environmental hazard in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Spitting Lead - Kill 50 enemies using the Wraith with the force barrier engaged in the Single Player Campaign.
  • I See You - Kill 50 enemies through solid matter with the Auger in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Talk To The Hand - Use the Auger force barrier to stop 150 incoming enemy shots in the single player Campaign.
  • For Close Encounters - Get 10 one-hit head-shot kills with the Shotgun in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Pincushion - Get 50 kills with the Hedgehog in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Up Close and Personal -  Get 50 melee kills with any weapon in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Wrecking Machine - Destroy 40 vehicles in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Mind Your Surroundings - Get 50 indirect kills using explosive objects in levels in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Berserker - Use every berserk at least once in Online Competitive Multiplayer.
  • Specter Recon - Collect 50 pieces of gray tech in the Cooperative Campaign.
  • Specter Initiate - Complete 20 missions in the Cooperative Campaign.
  • Team Player - Complete 5 missions with a full party of 8 in the Cooperative Campaign.
  • Tour of Duty - Complete one mission on each region in the Cooperative Campaign.


  • Salute Me - Achieve the rank of Lieutenant.
  • Exotic Weapon Collector - Get 20 kills with each weapon in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Master Spy - Collect all the Intel documents in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Snipe Hunt - Kill 30 Spinners in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Xenocide - Kill 1000 enemies in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Point Man - Earn 1 million XP from ranked games in online Competitive mode.
  • Specter Officer - Reach max level (35) with one class in the Cooperative Campaign. 
  • Primarch Hunter - Kill 200 Elite Chimerans in the Cooperative Campaign.
  • OMGWTFBBQ - Complete the Single Player Campaign on Superhuman.


  • Killing Machine - Score 10,000 kills in ranked matches in Online Competitive Multiplayer.
  • Specter Intel - Collect all Intel in the Cooperative Campaign.


  • Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - Obtain all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies for Resistance 2™

Note: The Trophies below contain potential spoilers.



  • Recycler - Defeat the Goliath in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Fried Calamari - Defeat the Kraken in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Exterminator - Defeat the Mother Spinner in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Flyswatter - Defeat the Swarm in the Single Player Campaign.
  • The Bigger They Are - Defeat the Leviathan in the Single Player Campaign.
  • Big Game Hunter - Defeat the Marauder in the Single Player Campaign. 


  • R.I.P. Jordan Shepherd - Defeat Daedalus, Complete the Single Player Campaign. 

2.4 - Characters:

Humans -


hale-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532


The main protagonist returns in Resistance 2 to continue the fight against the Chimera. Accompanied with a little scruff, our hero now has the opportunity to have the whole story told through his experiences and emotions alone, making Rachel's narrations outdated. He now only has 19 hours left to live though due to the continual spreading of the Chimeran virus. Soon, he will be the very thing he's fighting against.


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A group of soldiers that fight with Hale and share his immune-like qualities to the Chimeran virus. They picked up Hale and trained with him for 2 years to better fight the Chimera. Throughout the story, Hale must protect them while he isn't off doing side missions.


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The brute force of the group. They're combat specialists who are armed with powerful mini-guns. With the help of their energy shields, they can more effectively hold-off enemies as they push their group deeper into enemy territory. *Found in 8 player co-op campaign.


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The support of the three. Their weapon, The Phoenix, siphons energy every time an enemy is shot. With enough energy, rocketlauncher-like healing bursts can be shot at teammates or medkits can be dropped for nearby allies. *Found in 8 player co-op campaign.


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The sniper of the group. Experience is gained by distributing ammo to nearby teammates. "Advanced ammo" can be earned and distributed to increase teammates' weapon power. *Found in 8 player co-op campaign.


Enemies/Chimera -


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Hybrids are the foot soldiers of the Chimeran Army. They are a savage enemy, but also keen and tenacious. Hybrids quickly learn the methods of their adversaries. They already display expertise in British Army tactics. Beyond their adaptive nature, the most obvious attribute of Hybrids is their sheer numbers. Hybrids have overwhelmed humans on eevry battlefield since the Chimeran invasion first reached Britain. Now, they have detachable armor pieces, making headshots and vulnerable areas a must.


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Clever, calculating, and extremely powerful, Steelheads are a superior variant of the Hybrid strain. Their heavy armor is usually seen at the forefront of battles as they lead Hybrids and Hardfangs into combat. They willingly endure any punishment to advance the Chimeran invasion. Steelheads wield the Auger rifle, a weapon which tunnels through walls, making their relentless attack virtually unstoppable.


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Crawlers which fail to infect a host will evolve into Leapers. They first seek out sustenance, such as human or animal corpses. Once they've gorged themselves, they develope a protective pupae, a Leaper pod. They spawn from their pods upon maturation. The voracious young Leapers attack opponents with teeth and claws. They should be dealt with at range whenever possible. Easily handled individually, Leapers are lethal in large numbers.


titan-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532


The Titan strain represents the limit of Chimeran evolution of the human form. They are massively strong and wield weapons more commonly found on vehicles, such as Stalker heavy siege pods. Titans aren't known to wear any form of body armor. Their calloused hides are sufficiently thick to protect them in the fiercest firefights. While they have no known weaknesses, attacks to their head are believed most effective.


chameleon.jpg picture by Argetlam532 


Chameleon utilize a cloaking feature, making them more difficult to kill. Players will have to look for hints such as a scurry of footsteps through a puddle in hopes of shooting them down. These intimidating enemies will use melee blades as their primary weapon when attacking close-range.


grim-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532


"Half-converted" Chimera that utilize only melee techniques to take down their enemies. They can be seen jumping from windows and crawling out of dumpsters to attack in great hordes. They're what's left of the remaining population of Chicago.


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Tiny Chimera that quickly scurry around on the ground. Hale can't be attacked by them due to his immunity, and their ability to spin people into cacoons after being deployed from Spires has left Conversion Centers useless. After a while of being stuck in the cacoon, the people are eventually "baked" into the Grim, another form of Chimera detailed above.


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An enormous Chimera that stands 300 feet tall. It follows Hale throughout Chicago, destroying everything in it's path as it goes. The only way to take it out is to lure it toward a special explosive charge. This is only one of several major bosses in the game.


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An aquatic-like Chimera that swims through the water of Chicago.


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Goliaths are massive walking siege batteries towering over 150 ft into the sky that the Chimera use to subjugate whole cities. They employ concussion mortar batteries to soften up opposition. Entire companies have broken under mortar barrages and simply run for their lives. This exposes them to the Goliath's most fearsome weapon, the Spire. Spires are biological warfare missiles which deliver payloads of Chimeran Crawlers. A single Spire can infect thousands, and the Goliaths never use just one.


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The Stalker is a Chimeran mobile heavy weapons platform. Equipped with an AA autocannon, a missile pod, and an anti-personnel gun, a single Stalker can make friendly air support over a battlefield impossible. Their multi-legged locomotion gives them superior maneuverability over all terrain. Stalkers are heavily armored against a catastrophic kill. The vehicle's only known vulnerability is the partially exposed power core on their rear of their hull. 


2.5 - Weapons:

* = Returning from Resistance: Fall of Man; * = Found online




M5A2 Carbine - The M5A2 Folsom Carbine is the standard-issue rifle of the US Army Rangers. The Folsom is nicknamed "the paddle" for its wide wooden stock and ability to "spank" an enemy. The M5A2 uses the same .303 round as the British Rifle, No. 6 Mk 6. Pressing L1 fires the underslung M200 40mm Grenade Launcher. The M200 uses high-explosive grenades which can immediately multiply the firepower available to an individual soldier. 30-round clip. **


Wraith - A chain-gun that requires a few, brief seconds of the spinning of the turret in order for it to start shooting in rapid succession. Pressing L1 deploys a tri-pod that temporarily brings up a frontal shield for protection. However, the player can only pivot on their current position after it is deployed. Although the Minigun offers added security with this shield, there is still vulnerability from behind as well as a small gap in the front where the nozel of the gun fires. 200-round clip. *


Splicer - A rifle-like firearm with a large circular blade on the front instead of a barrel. It launches spinning blades at enemies with highly gory results. The blade can be reved before launching it, which not only makes it superheated, but also keeps it spinning through your opponents even after impact. 18-shot clip. **


Magnum - A pistol that has the ability to fire rounds into an enemy or object which then can be detonated. Traps utilizing the bullets can be layed out, for example. 6 bullets can be shot into the ground and then be detonated in sequence. **


Bellock - A grenade launcher that has the ability to reduce enemies to a gory mess with each explosion. 12 grenades per load. *


Phoenix - Siphons energy every time an enemy is shot. With enough energy, rocketlauncher-like healing bursts can be shot at teammates or medkits can be dropped for nearby allies. 10 healing bursts max. Unlimited fire-power. *


L23 Fareye - The L23 Fareye is the weapon of choice for British Royal Marine Commando Sniper teams. The rifle chambers a .303 Mk 10 round with a muzzle velocity of nearly 3400 ft/s. Press R3 to use the scope. Press up or down on the directional pad to adjust the magnification. Hold L1 to focus concentration. This can give the sensation of slowing down time. All outside distractions are eliminated. Enemy movements become predictable and fatal head-shots become inevitable. 6-shot, blot-action clip. A total of 12 rounds can be carried at once. **


L209 LAARK - The L209 LAARK (Light Anti-Armour Rocket) was originally designed for use against Russian armored divisions. Since the Chimeran invasion it has been successful against the Stalker and other heavy vehicles. Once fired, LAARK rockets are capable of user-guided maneuverability. Holding L1 will slow down the rocket, allowing it to be re-oriented in flight. Aiming the reticle at any desired target will steer the rocket in the designated direction. The higher the pressure on the L1, the slower the rocket will go. Holding R1 after firing will release auto-guided submunitions. 2 rockets per load. *


Rossmore 236 - The Rossmore 236 Combat Shotgun is employed by the British Army for base defense and urban warfare. It is noted for its potent stopping power, especially in close-quarters engagements. Since the Chimeran invasion, soldiers have found the shotgun very adept in dispatching Howlers. Pressing L1 discharges both barrels. This method is less efficient than firing the barrels singly, but using it effectively can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. 8 slugs maximum. **


Frag Grenade - The No 22 Fragmentation Grenade is a standard issue anti-personnel munition used throughout the British armed forces. The grenade has an exposed fuse which releases irritating smoke prior to detonation. While not hazardous in the quantities produced, it does discourage a target from picking up and throwing back the grenade. The fragmentation is ideal for the assaulting entrenched enemy positions or attacking around corners. **


Air-Fuel Grenade - The No 42 Air-Fuel Grenade has been issued for combating Chimera in the tight spaces commonly found in urban conflicts. A thrown grenade adheres to most surfaces and immediately releases a cloud of flammable vapor. Once deployed, the cloud is ignited creating a massive explosion. The resulting heat and pressure wave will cause vast injuries to anything caught in the blast. With their reliance on external cooling systems, Chimera are expecially susceptible to damage.**




Bullseye - The Bullseye is the Chimeran main battle rifle. It has rapid cyclic rate and a high damage capability. Pressing L1 fires a Homing Tag. Once a foe is marked the tag will draw the Bullseye's primary fire and also reveal the enemy as a soft, yellow blur through solid surfaces. Skillful placement of the tag allows entire magazines of ammunition to be placed on a target from the safety of cover. It is also very effective against fast-moving targets. 60-round clip. **


Marksman - The Marskman is a mid/long-range battle rifle. It shoots in 3-shot bursts, and with it's alternate fire, it deploys a slow-moving ball of electricty that sends out quick charges of electricity to nearby enemies. 12-shot clip. **


Auger Mark II - The Auger heavy-penetrating rifle fires blasts of transient radiation that will tunnel through solid matter. The blasts increase in power with each object they pass through. While the Auger has a relatively small ammunition capacity, the fact that it ignores cover means every blast is potentially lethal. Pressing L1 deploys a Force Barrier. This alters the Auger's energy blast to create a barrier that is impervious to all weapon-fire except that from the Auger. Enemies will suffer injuries if they move through the barrier. 20-round clip. **


Spider Grenade - The Spider Grenade spews forth black ooze that gradually grows. The spider web-like tendrils have the ability to climb up walls, spread across the ground, or creep through windows. All the while, the ooze burns like napalm.


Hedgehog - The Hedgehog Grenade is a Chimeran anti-personnel munition. It is thrown like an ordinary hand grenade. Upon landing it springs up and expands into a spiny cluster. At its "kill height", the Hedgehog fires spines in all directions with enough force to pin targets against nearby walls. The effect is especially deadly in confined corners. **


Plasma Grenade - Another grenade-type unlockable through the PSP. "Collecting all of the 'infected' intel will unlock another R2 weapon, the Plasma Grenades". Details here.


3 - Full Moon Show:

- Be sure to check out Insomniac's Full_Moon_Show podcast to get up-to-date information regarding the game, starting with the Season 2 Premiere (Episode 19).


Season_2_-_Episode_35 (11/20/2008)


Join us on our first-ever video podcast, live from the Resistance 2 launch event at the Metreon in San Francisco, California. We talk about our favorite moments during the development of Resistance 2, interview some fans, and show you all of the event's festivities. Plus we interview Ted, and Sony presents him with a very accurate gift.

  • 0:00:00 - Introduction
  • 0:00:30 - Resistance 2 Update
  • 0:06:30 - Fan interviews
  • 0:07:55 - Interview with Ted Price
  • 0:13:25 - Special Presentation to Ted
  • 0:17:05 - The first sale and other midnight activities!
  • 0:18:40 - Closing
  • 0:20:45 - Outtakes

Season 2 - Episode 35 is currently unavailable. (10/23/2008)

Season_2_-_Episode_34 (10/2/2008)

Season_2_-_Episode_33 (9/18/2008)

Season_2_-_Episode_32 (9/4/2008)

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Season_2_-_Episode_22 (3/20/2008)

Season_2_-_Episode_21 (3/6/2008)

Season_2_-_Episode_20 (2/6/2008)

Season_2_Premiere_-_Episode_19 (1/17/2008)


- News/Articles:


IGN - 10/28/2008 - Source


October 28, 2008 - It must be a daunting prospect to follow up a critically acclaimed game that became a Greatest Hit. The same could be said of following up a story that featured the infection and obliteration of Europe and most of the UK by alien creatures. Fortunately, Insomniac loves a challenge, and they've been hard at work trying to best the adventure of Nathan Hale from Resistance: Fall of Man. In case you were wondering, they've managed to succeed handily. Not only is Resistance 2 an improvement in all facets of the game, it dwarfs the considerable action of the first title in the series....


(Click "Source" for the entire article)




PlayStation Blog - 10/9/2008 - Source


Hi everyone, my name is John Garvin, co-director of SCEA’s Bend Studio, and I wanted to give everyone a quick update on Resistance: Retribution. Chris Reese (my co-director at the studio) and I are in Tokyo this week presenting Resistance: Retribution at TGS. After our game was revealed at E3 in July, we got a lot of questions about connectivity between Resistance: Retribution and Resistance 2 on the PS3. We’re pretty excited to announce that yes, we will be providing additional game play and features if you connect R:R to R2! Here’s how it works.


Connect R:R to R2 using a USB cable. Go into the R2 options screen, and select “Infect your PSP!” That’s all it takes.


Infected mode lasts until you power down your PSP. So, what is “Infected mode”?


Infected mode provides an alternate story within our alternate history. While in prison for desertion, Grayson is recruited by Specter Lieutenant David LaSalle (from the R2 storyline) and is infected with a mutated version of the Chimeran virus … a different version of the virus that infects Nathan Hale.


While playing in “infected” mode, Grayson wears a Specter uniform and has glowing Chimeran eyes. He gets to use one of the new weapons from R2: the HE .44 Magnum, which fires explosive rounds that can be triggered remotely. He has regenerative health and no longer needs to look for health packs. He can breathe underwater, allowing him to reach hidden areas that he could not reach before. And we’ve added another whole class of Intel that are hidden throughout the levels. Collecting all of the “infected” intel will unlock another R2 weapon, the Plasma Grenades.


Another cool feature we’re including is something we call PSP Plus!


Activated from the R2 options screen, PSP Plus! allows you to play Resistance: Retribution using your Dualshock 3 wireless controller. We remove aim assist and increase the challenge level of the game. We even support the vibration function of the controller. If you’re playing at home and want to experience Resistance: Retribution in an all new way, this is it.


That’s it for this update. In the near future we’ll have some news on our multiplayer game. Stay tuned.




PS3 Fanboy - 9/23/2008 - Source


If you're a regular reader of this site, then you shouldn't find yourself estranged upon hearing the name Resistance 2. In fact, it should really get you pumped up as you know as much as we do that it will be one of the biggest titles for the PS3 this holiday season. While many of you may be quietly ripping it up on Girl With A Stick, we haven't been left in the dark for our share of Chimera blasting. We've also got our own taste of the viral-infected shooter having played both the single player campaign and a full 8-player online co-op game.

We first started things off by going through the single player campaign. There were two levels available to us: the tutorial level at the very start which takes place in Iceland, and the second took us to the forests of Orick, California -- to which you've already witnessed the opening cinema. The Iceland level looked incredibly familiar; in fact, the very first screenshots ever revealed on this game came from the Iceland level. Think back ... that had a Goliath in it. A Goliath in the opening mission? That's pretty intense considering how these babies didn't appear until much later in the original title. From the very beginning of the game, we could already feel the pace and tone, and it was definitely set to awesome.


The Iceland mission was a lot of fun for a tutorial. It didn't even feel like a tutorial; it was basically a solid level which just showed off various weapons, different types of enemies, and -- like we said -- just really set the tone and pace for what else was to come. As for the Orick level, I hadn't personally played through it, but I had watched it being played over and over again with amusement. Part of that amusement was due to the fact that most who played it kept dying to the claws of the 'Predator-like' Chameleon Chimera. These are wickedly fast Chimera with invisibility cloaks that'll come up and kill in one hit. Avoiding them isn't easy, but it's possible by listening carefully for the sound they make and then keeping those sharp eyes peeled.

While we enjoyed our time with the single player experience, we certainly had exponentially more fun with the online co-op. Andrew and I joined forces to save mankind from the Chimera curse, he chose to be a medic and I took on the role of a soldier. As you probably already know, there are only three classes to choose from: medic, soldier, and special ops. Anyway, we suited up with six other journalists and Insomniac guys for a full 8-player game, and what we ended up with was probably the most fun online multiplayer experience I've ever had.

We entered one of the Iceland stages, and right away we were tackling giant-sized behemoths as a cohesive team. Things really got exciting when hordes (and I mean hordes) of Chimera started appearing ... and even one time dropping right down on us. It was a hectic battle -- in a positive respect of course. An interesting thing to take note of is that some of the enemies you'll encounter will have a red bar and a red star above their head. This signifies that they are a primary target, or consider them as "bosses" for their extra toughness. The more stars, the tougher the enemy; max number of stars is set at three. As for the red bar, it's the enemy boss' life meter.

Now, one other item regarding the co-op mode is that it can be really tough as well. It's easy to fail if you're not acting properly as a team. It's important that all team members act according to their roles and give each team member support because, quite frankly, you'll be fighting massive waves of enemies that will greatly outnumber you and outmatch you in stamina -- yeah, they obviously take more hits than you do. Overall, the co-op mode is going to definitely be fun for those that love small group squads versus massive enemy armies and just good old strategic combat. Simply put this mode is irresistible.

All in all, it was difficult to peel away from the gaming booth and end our time with R2, but hey, that's the way it's got to be. We're excited to see more and certain you're looking to get your very own hands-on time with the public beta next month. The release date of November 4 is a long time away from now, and yet, we can't help start pondering whether we're going out to vote that day or staying home indoors and fighting the good fight ... you know, for our country's sake. Save the country by voting for the right president, or save the country from a Chimeran invasion? It's a tough choice indeed.




GamePro - 9/23/2008 - Source


The most popular launch title on the PlayStation 3 was Resistance: Fall of Man, a first-person shooter from Ratchet & Clank creator Insomniac Games. Being first certainly had its advantages--the chief being prime exposure to nearly every early adopter of the PS3, which helped to lay a firm foundation for the studio's new alien-shooting franchise. But the downside was time. Rushed out to make a day-one launch, Insomniac no doubt had to cut some corners to pair up its new FPS with the PS3 release. The biggest sacrifice? Graphics.


Now with two games of experience under its belt, Insomniac is pushing Resistance 2--a third-generation PS3 title--to new graphical heights. And it's looking incredibly sharp. When I saw the game earlier in the year for GamePro's August cover story, the concepts and execution were both there, but graphically, Resistance 2 was running with old character models and moderate detail. But last week's showing of a near-final version of the game proved that a few months of development time is a wonderful thing. To put it plainly, Resistance 2 is looking hot.




Resistance 2's single-player campaign continues the spread of the Chimera from the first game, where the alien enemies are breaching American soil. The plot begins in London, again following Nathan Hale, a part of the Chimera virus-resistant Sentinels, a group of human soldiers trained to fight the alien force. The first level takes place in Iceland, but from there, Hale and the resistance will fight in the United States in locales such as Chicago and San Francisco.


Everything in the single-player campaign, from the strikingly realistic lighting to the eerily designed Chimera character models, is presented with remarkable visual detail. And unlike the first game, cut scenes look almost movie-esque, ditching the narration for an impressive cinematic experience. What's more impressive, though, is that both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes take only a slight dip in graphical performance.


8-Player Cooperative


I spent about an hour playing Resistance 2's ambitious multiplayer modes, specifically the 8-player co-op portion that kept me on my toes throughout the experience. Co-op presents you will the choice to play one three classes: Soldier, Special Ops, and Medic. Each class has a secondary function, and a special berserk maneuver. The Soldier emits a small, static shield with the mini-gun, and a larger shield, respectively. Spec Ops drops ammo, and increased-damage ammo. And the Medic provides health along with the ability to shoot out a special health ray.


The co-op mode is played in teams of 8 where you're lead through hordes and hordes of Chimeran enemies. Sometimes you'll be fending off onslaughts of Grims, zombie-like baddies. Often, larger Chimera will impede your progress, and the occasional huge beastie attempts to stomp you down. Staying alive is key to the team's success, though, and it's a team effort all around. Spec Ops need to pay attention to icons that indicate which team members are low on ammo, and Medics must revive fallen enemies, because if everyone dies, it's game over. Lastly, Soldiers have the most firepower, so it's essential that they keep the gunfire flowing.


60-Player Online


Online multiplayer takes a rather different approach than co-op in Resistance 2, offering huge 60-player battles. But instead of just throwing players into a giant mess of a fight, Insomniac creates smaller objective-based fights within the bigger battle. At all times, you'll have an on-screen objective that leads you to a specific area, often to infiltrate or defend a point. You'll also be assigned to a smaller group of players so you can travel in mini teams to be more effective. What stood out to me are the intricacies of the level design. Taking a nod from games like Halo or even Insomniac's Ratchet series, launch pads shoot you to rooftops creating instant vantage points for either sniping or dropping in on unsuspecting enemies.


Resistance 2 has come a long way since its unveiling earlier this year, and I was blown away by how far this game has come in terms of quality. If you don't have an Xbox 360, Resistance 2 should be your FPS of choice this holiday season.




IGN UK - 9/23/2008 - Source


US, September 23, 2008 - If you own a PS3, you most likely have experienced one of the best titles for the system: a war epic where mankind didn't fight the Second World War, but instead fought for their survival against a daunting alien menace. Resistance introduced the Chimera, a mysterious alien race that decimated the human resistance of Europe and almost devastated Great Britain were it not for the combined actions of UK and American soldiers. But just like any great villain, the Chimera won't be eliminated so easily, and...


(Due to the long-winded article, only an excerpt is posted. Click "Source" for the entire read)



cover.jpg picture by Argetlam532  cover2.jpg picture by Argetlam532


Click each for a larger view.


"The chaingun is heavy, and you're tired - especially after that swarm of leapers hit the squad a little while back. But the medics on your team have patched you up. The snipers are in position. You know running down this hill is suicide, but somebody has to take out that node. And you've got the squad at your back that can do it. You've fought beside some of these men dozens of times, and others are replacements, sent in after that last sorry excuse for a fight. But as the nearby wall explodes and dozens of Hybrids begin to pour out from the smoke, the seven men beside you don't care about being outgunned or overmatched, even as that colossal Titan roars its way out onto the field. You don't care either. It's your country this time, and you'll be damned if those overheated, body-stealing, six-eyed freaks are going to take it away."


5 - Project Abraham:

Project_Abraham, Project_Abraham:_BlackoutAmerica_First_America_Only, and SrpaNet are all websites dedicated to the marketing of Resistance 2. All of the content shown takes place before Resistance: Fall of Man, possibly explaining Nathan Hale's resistance to the Chimeran virus. It is quite possible that he is the only subject to successfully accept the serum given to the soldiers at the Alaskan base.

Project Abraham - Source
  • 7/22/2008 - A new video was added, labeled "04", also called "C. AKLIN - MESSAGE TO YOU" on the second page of the site after clicking "ENTER".
  • 8/29/2008 - A new video has been added, titled "05". A security notice from the SRPA has also been posted in a "Classified" document on the bottom-left of the screen. 

Project Abraham: Blackout - Source

  • 7/22/2008 - The main page has been completely overhauled. After clicking "ENTER" from the main page of Project Abraham, people are led to this page. Added were six new videos: "C. AKLIN - MESSAGE TO YOU", "J. CAPELLI - INDUCTION", "K. DANBY - INDUCTION", "K. OSTER - INDUCTION", "C. BROWN - INDUCTION", and "J. CAPELLI - INJ FILM #3 OF 3". (Here) Also, a business card can be clicked to lead people to Get_A_War_Job, which has been rumored to contain sign-ups for the online beta. The picture of the soldiers from the opening cutscene of Resistance: Fall of Man (Here) along with the two letters from previous updates can be noted. However, a third, and new letter, was added, dated November 7th, 1950. (Here) A vote can be accessed to decide what the next test subject will be. The voting is between Brown, Danby, and Oster, all of whose videos can be viewed in the first link provided. (Here). Finally, each test subject's folder/information can be viewed. Information is held for Genarro, Frank Anthony (Here), Capelli, Joseph (Here), Khaner, Glenn Albert (Here), Hale, Nathan (Here), Brown, Channing (Here), Danby, Kenneth (Here), Oster, Keith Todd. (Here)
  • 7/25/2008 - A new video titled "C. BROWN - PSYCH OFC. SERV." has been added. Also, a tape-recording of Dr. Cassie Aklin has been added in regard toward the vote to inject Brown with the experimental serum. (Here)
  • 7/29/2008 - A new video has been added, titled "C. BROWN - INJECTION FILM". A new vote has been started for which man will be the next to be injected. The vote is between Gennaro, Danby, and Oster. (Here) A letter from Sgt. Channing Brown to Cassie was added along with a question and answer sheet named the Freiberghen Open-Association Test.
  • 8/1/2008 - A new video has been added, titled "K. OSTER - HALLWAY SURV.". A card has been added that allows you to submit your name, number, and e-mail address. (Here)
  • 8/5/2008 - A new video has been added, titled "K. OSTER - INJECTION FILM". An inkblot test has been added. (Here)
  • 8/12/2008 - A new video has been added, titled "G. KHANER - INJECTION FILM". Two more recordings have been added as well. (Here)
  • 8/14/2008 - A new video has been added, titled "N. HALE - PSYCH OFC. SURV.". A new recording has also been added. (Here) A letter from Hale's sister has been added to his folder. (Here)
  • 8/19/2008 - A new video has been added, titled "N. HALE - INJECTION FILM". Voting has started for injection between Gennaro and Danby. (Here)
  • 8/22/2008 - Two new films have been added titled "F. GENNARO - MSG TO FAMILY" and "F. GENNARO - INJECTION FILM".
  • 8/26/2008 - A new video has been added, titled, "F. GENNARO - INJECTION FILM".
  • 8/29/2008 - The site, or program rather, is no longer in effect.

America First America Only - Source

  • 7/22/2008 - This site has surfaced, letting people read various articles regarding Project Abraham's controversies as well as the American resistance to the European "influenza".
  • 7/29/3008 - New newspaper articles have been added, including the reaction to the injection of Capelli. Also, a "TIP US" document can be accessed. (Here)
  • 8/15/2008 - New newspaper article added with the headline, "Death From Above".
  • 8/22/2008 - New newspaper article added with the headline, "Real-Life Frankenstein".
  • 8/29/2008 - A note has been posted with the headline, "They're on to us!".

SrpaNet - Source

  • Note: At any time there is a picture shown, enter "res" for a clearer image. Also, you can "save" a download of the viewable file if it is offered. Entering "help" will give you a basic idea of how the site operates.
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      • ppg, diseasecontrol, tip, commanderholidays, eu9376debrief, eu9377debrief, dk62462a1, dk62462a2, dk62462a3, dk62462a4, dk62462a5, dk62462a6, dk62462a7, dk62462a8, 938stockmeyer773, bu75207b, bu75207b1, bu75207b2, bu75207b3, bu75207b4, bu75207b5, pe826478, nv92374a, nv92374a1, nv92374a2, nv92374a3, khgsrpa44397, khgsrpa44398, khgsrpa44399, sc48772132, sc48772131, lb73356572, lb18228450, lb78739564, lb65521288, lb65847924, yrsd519597, yrsd519596, yrsd519595, cp55792a, cp55792a1, cp55792a2, cp55792a3, cp55792a4, rf992388ls, sbst67100928, pa51184382, pa51184383, pa51184384, pa51184385, pa51184386, pa51184387, pa51184388, pa51184389, pa51184390, pa51184391, pa51184392, pa51184393.
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    • Type "thompsong:dauphin" and then "get (file)" for these codes.
      • yrsd519594, dm177530, dm177531, dm177532, dm177533, wa291156, wa291157, bb338766, bb338767, bb161955, bb454766, bb524792.  

- Screenshots:


Click any of the pictures below to view their larger size.



       hyper.jpg picture by Argetlam532 

hyper2.jpg picture by Argetlam532 hyp.jpg picture by Argetlam532 hyp3.jpg picture by Argetlam532 hyp2.jpg picture by Argetlam532 tmphy-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532 tmphy2.jpg picture by Argetlam532 tmphy3.jpg picture by Argetlam532 tmphy4.jpg picture by Argetlam532

hyper7-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532 alley.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb3.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb4.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb5.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb6.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb8.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb9.jpg picture by Argetlam532

thumb10.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb11.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb12.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb13.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb14.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb15.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb16.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb17.jpg picture by Argetlam532

thumb18.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb19.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb20.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb21.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb22.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb24.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb2-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532

thumb3-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb4-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb5-1.jpg picture by Argetlam532

6.1 - Concept Art:



   hyper3.jpg picture by Argetlam532 hyper4.jpg picture by Argetlam532 hyper5.jpg picture by Argetlam532 tmphy.jpg picture by Argetlam532 hyper6.jpg picture by Argetlam532

thumb.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb2.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb7.jpg picture by Argetlam532 thumb23.jpg picture by Argetlam532


GamePro_Resistance_2_Scans - Courtesy of Shadowblade1


The following links will take you directly to the main page of the latest Screenshots/Artwork of Resistance 2:

7 - Videos:


Note: Unless a video is strictly available in a high definition format, I will post every video to a standard definition link for the convenience of the members who may have slower connections.



The YouTube link is necessary because it looks like the one posted on EuroGamer is currently unavailable at the moment. 


The other Gameplay Movies aren't included because they show the same footage as other sources, all of which have already been posted here.

Keep in mind that this is an unofficial, off-camera recording of the presentation so there will be some problems, (such as the deepened recording of Ted Price's voice), as well as medicore quality. Aside from these minor issues though, the game looks amazing even on YouTube. EDIT: Updated with a better quality video.



At around 8:38, Scott Steinberg mentions that Resistance 2 is "about a 50 gig game".


8 - Other:


Also, take a look at The_Resistance:_Fall_of_Man_Information_Thread! by chadster for a complete overview of the first game as well as the Weekly_Games_Program for some great online, forum battles. Be sure to view PSP_Scientist's Resistance:_Retribution_Information_Thread for the PSP version of the Resistance series.




Many people think that this video is footage for Resistance 2, when in fact, it's not. It was actually the first footage ever shown for Resistance: Fall of Man, then called "I-8". It was shown at E3 2005. Again, it isn't in any way associated with Resistance 2.




compare.jpg picture by Argetlam532


The increase in the level of detail that Insomniac is capable of can easily be seen through these screenshots. With many more months until the release of Resistance 2, expect even better results when the final game ships.


9 - Credits:

9.1 - Sites -

9.2 - Members (If you'd like to be credited, feel free to submit something to me that hasn't already been put into the thread) -

Also, Resistance: Fall of Man the game was a big help.


I will be updating the thread further as we learn about more content such as weapon and vehicle types, multiplayer modes, characters, etc. Stay tuned!

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Re: ~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

Feb 11, 2008
well done + update often! = sticky

And when the official Resistance 2 board is made, move this there aswell, really good job.  make sure to update pretty often

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Re: ~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

Feb 11, 2008

elmetfano wrote:
well done + update often! = sticky

And when the official Resistance 2 board is made, move this there aswell, really good job.  make sure to update pretty often

Message Edited by elmetfano on 02-10-2008 08:38 PM

Thank you. I will make sure to update this thread whenever new information/news arises.
I don't, however, have the power to move threads if, say, a "Resistance 2" or "Resistance Series" board is created. Instead, it will be up to the Moderators if they would like it moved or not. This would depend on whether or not it generated enough discussion and didn't fall beneath a mountain of other posts/threads.

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Re: ~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

Feb 11, 2008
Hey, Nathan Hale stole my eyes!
Nice thread, lots of good info here.
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Re: ~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

Feb 11, 2008
Great job on the information thread so far Argetlam! If I find any news I'll be sure to send it your way .
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Re: ~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

Feb 11, 2008
Great job on the thread, Argetlam. I have to ask though, in the GI issue, wasn't the subtitle to Resistance 2: United We Fall?
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Re: ~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

Feb 11, 2008

Light_Jak wrote:
Great job on the thread, Argetlam. I have to ask though, in the GI issue, wasn't the subtitle to Resistance 2: United We Fall?

Yes, but Insomniac, in their Season_2_Premiere, confirmed that Gameinformer just made that subtitle for the article. "United We Fall" will not be the game title.
Thanks for the comments as well, jasquare and NO FEAR!!

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Re: ~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

Feb 11, 2008
Wow awesome info, I never knew that the single player campaign was that far along and the multiplayer features sound out of this world!
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Re: ~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

Feb 11, 2008
Alot of information and very well done.  I cannot wait for this game.
Would it be possible to use the official Resistance 2 screenshots for the thread, as opposed to the ones with the big IGN logo on them, or is there some reason that this can't even be done?
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Re: ~ Resistance 2 Information Thread ~

Feb 11, 2008
Sounds like a good game - especially the 2-8 player Co-op play!!  I hope there is a healthy dose of realworld physics and tactics in this game (I have a low twitchfactor and cannot bunnyhop very well - which seems to be the requirement for most of these PS3  shooter games!)

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