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Re: Final Boss Fight - (spoiler!)

Feb 23, 2009
all in all being able to just rip apart chimera with what looked like the force was F**kin awesome i died on purpose to do it again and again

I’ve been lying here For aLmost thrEe hours. rEmembering The lAst Time we were together. IT was outside DAn's Diner, during the first thunderstorm of the season. You stood in the rain, Crying and you asKed me an IMportant question. The question of why. Why a Man would joIN a causE with no hope for victory. Why a maN would abandon his family for a hopeless endeavor. Why a man would give his body To madmen who use science to play God.

I remember how empty I felt not to have Given yOu The answer yOu deserved. And the truth, sweetheart, is very simple. It's BecAuse I musT.

I am nOt foolish eNough to believe I will survive this waR. HOwever I can choose how I die. And I know that for every one of them I kill, there's one less out there who can hUrt you and Jacob.

Know that whatever I am, for however lonG I havE, I am out here to protect you. I'll love you always and forever.

Hoping this letter finds you safe.
Eternally Yours.
------------------------------------------------ -Warner
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Re: Final Boss Fight - (spoiler!)

Feb 23, 2009
The boss fights in R2 were some of the easiest parts of the levels. Daedalus especially. If you save the LAARK from the part with the 2 titans a few minutes before Daedalus he's even easier. Divide up the seven shots you have with it to the 3 sections and its a piece of Chimeran cake. Wait do Chimera eat cake? Anyways just because the bosses are easy in no way makes this game bad. 
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Re: Final Boss Fight - (spoiler!)

Feb 27, 2009

I might be in the minority here, but I can't stand boss fights of any kind.  I play these games for the continuous progression of an interesting story and non-stop fun and action.  Rediculous boss fights where you just wait for a pattern and shoot during an opening in that pattern are just annoying and frustrating, and they bog the storytelling down.  So I was fine with the final boss fight.  


And what I really can't stand are GIANT boss fights where the enemy is 50 times bigger than you.  I mean seriously - the Leviathan?  Totally ruined the series for me.  Just my personal opinion.        

Reality - Worst. Game. Ever. The graphics are good...but I have issues with the level design and gameplay mechanics.
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Re: Final Boss Fight - (spoiler!)

Feb 28, 2009
i agree that the boss fight was a bit too easy but the part with the powers right after it was cool even though it only lasted a few minutes
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