Aug 31 2012
By: Crazy_Jackal Lombax Warrior 136 posts

Another resistance game please..... like now:)

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There are charcters that we never got to see in resistance 3, and I will like another game with them.  We all know who's missing, and we all would like to know what the hell happen to them, so why not close there story?  If this game were to be made, it must have a new look, feel, and the online has to be fix.  I wish R3 had more mode and maps, but don't see that happening.  Sony should try something new that will get any coming back for this series.  Anyone who wants another resistance game, sound off here, plus write about any of the changes you want to see.  For anyone asking about what character that are missing, look back at the psp and R2.  Side note whatever happen to those new form of creatures?

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