May 12 2012
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Join the clan ELITE FEW (eFw) We have 5 years History.

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This is a clan that has a lot of history through Killzone 2, Killzone 3, BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2, and now BATTLEFIELD 3. We have been very successful and we continue to achieve victory through teamwork, communication, strategy, and of course skill. We are a competitive platoon that LOOKS FOR VICTORY every time our soldiers set foot in war,but we DO HAVE FUN . We believe that well structured strategy and teamwork will lead us to victory, and complete domination of our opponents. We aren't soldiers, we are ELITE warriors and nothing stands in our way.

1)Play the pbjective

2)have a mict

3)play smart                                                       Message me Warrior48__ for more information. Thank you.

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Re: Join the clan ELITE FEW (eFw) We have 5 years History.

May 24, 2013

thesupertman wrote:
I don't play the objective. Can I still join?

No I joined his clan and he kicked me because I was so good.

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