Jun 20 2012
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problem online pass

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im really worry im from mexico my problem is that when i buy the game like a moth ago i redemm my code for the online pass but i couldnt download it then i read that in my contry were a lot of issues with that soo i stop trying until today when i try to download the online pass it show like i dont purchase it but when i redemm the code it say i already use it could anybody help me

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First Son
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Re: problem online pass

Jul 4, 2012

Hi, I have the same problem, also I'm from Mexico, I bought the game physically and the code that came in did not give me anything. Now when I try to play online sends me NAT 2 error. That mistake will not send you. I think the only solution would be to buy another pass online, but very bad for Sony

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Re: problem online pass

Apr 2, 2013
Seems like lots of people are having this problem!
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