Sep 01 2012
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Online Multiplayer Lobby Problems

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Much was said about the dual sticks and fps on the Vita. When i saw resisrance was coming out with a mp option i was excited. Well that was short lived. How long has this game been out now? Still takes an age to get into a large match and for the lobby waiting for at least 6 players to start when 8 people are waiting then losing connection is awful. I wish i spent the money on a PS3 game than buying this and from a developer point of view i will think twice before buying a game with your name on the Vita box. Absolute joke!
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Re: Online Multiplayer Lobby Problems

Sep 2, 2012

i agree with you


and they thinking of release a game with the name call of duty name on it


i mean really guys you think of creating a new game after this you think we are going to buy any game from you ever again

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