Dec 08 2012
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Match connection failed - Burning Skies Multiplayer

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Everytime I try to play the online for Burning Skies, it either gives me "connection ot the match failed" or "request cannot be allowed (or something like that)". I have full bars on my connection so its fine with that. Does anyone know how to fix this or what the problems is? is it on Nihilistic's part and are they trying to fix it? This si really annoying me to eno end. Also why in teh hell do people just leave a game lobby when its going to start, I can't start a game because everyone leaves. Can anyone tell me why these "geniuses" leave to find a game when one is about to start? It makes it difficult to play the online. 

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Re: Match connection failed - Burning Skies Multiplayer

Dec 10, 2012

Make sure that your Nat is not having any issues for your vita connection.


Nihilistic no longer supports this game


The other members might be getting connection issues also and that is why they drop. This is what I've experienced.

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