Aug 29 2012
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Bugs i currently expirience

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bugs i currently expirience... : Frozen screen, appeared: more than 3 weeks.*

                                                   : Barely killable players. Appeared: a few days ago.*


1* Found a little solution for the frozen screen: press the PS button of the PS Vita, then click on the game again and return. screen defrost.


2* Barely killable players include that my Double shot- shotgun (2 bullets per 1 shot, which used to be a instant kill if u hit correctly)

needs 4 shots now, knifing didnt help, and i had to spam my R button, wasting all my bullets just to kill 1 player, its not a hack, i expirience it in EVERY game i do. Thx.


and why the heck are there so many bug reports, but NO fix yet?

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Re: Bugs I currently experience

Sep 16, 2012

Ya I know on resistance burning skies there are so many people online that you can't kill I tried a million times and he didn't die and also a few days ago I shut resistance burning skies and restarted it then I was moving in circles and and I was looking up and the running sign was coming how the hell am i suppose to fix that or play the game when nothing is working please if anyone knows how to fix this i really need help like really though when i play online everything works perfectly fine so what do i do

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Re: Bugs i currently expirience

Apr 2, 2013
I hate the bug were you turn invisible!!!
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