Oct 18 2013
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Likes and dislikes about Resistance 3?

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I really like that they went back to a much darker tone like the original. I dislike that Nathan is gone he should have been in it until the end.

The List.

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Re: Likes and dislikes about Resistance 3?

Oct 19, 2013

Good game with some really nice set pieces. The fight on the boat was intense. My biggest issue was not with the game but with not being able to find a decent co-op partner. I still haven't finished the game. Otherwise the game is great. It defintely has more horror elements than similar FPS. I dig the dark tone.


And as much as I stay away from multiplayer, I did enjoy Resistance 2's 60 player matches over the 16 that Resistance 3 offers. Hopefully we will see that again on a PS4 version. 

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