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Aug 08 2012
By: samuelcd1997 Treasure Hunter 7369 posts

Funny things to do in free roam

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Sometimes the official gamemodes aren't enough! Me and my friend like to make up our own (stupid) stuff to do in free roam:


  • Go to the edge of a cliff, top of a mountain or anywhere where you will die if you fall off. Basically you have to fist fight right on the end and whoever loses goes toppling off. It's pretty funny and best with more people :smileyvery-happy:.
  • Jousting - get on your horses and charge at each other, trying to swipe with the knife.
  • Go on opposite sides of the river and attempt to kill each other with throwing knives/tomahawks.
  • Back an open-topped cart up near a crate or hill so people can jump in the back. Then, preferably at a bit cliff like the one near Plainview, drive it off! It is hilarious seeing all the flailing bodies.

Does anyone else have funny little gamemodes that they made up?

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Re: Funny things to do in free roam

Aug 16, 2012

I usually just tie up prostitutes and lay them on the train tracks and watch as the train comes, makes me laugh every time.

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Re: Funny things to do in free roam

Sep 8, 2012

I liked to take the carriage from the mines and use it as a raft down the river. If you park it backwards near the edge of the river where the terrain goes slightly downhill into the water, you can jump on the horses and then ontop of the carriage. Then shoot the horses and it will roll into the river. The current will push the wagon downstream and it will look like a raft. The farthest I've gone without getting stuck is from the island in the center of the map where the bridge is all the way to the railroad bridge.


You can also opperate the elevator in the mines if you shoot the lever in the building on top. I never got the opportunity to test it out with another person to see what happens when they get on the elevator from the very bottom, since the hole is boarded up. The elevator just goes through it, but a person will either go through it or fall through the elevator floor to their death.

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