Dec 18 2001
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Wants for GT4

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I recently went to my first American Lemans race in September at Laguna Seca.Buying the Grand Turismo games has
really started to fuel my intrest in car racing more than it was before.Anyways I arrived at the track at 8 in the morning and my jaw just dropped when I heard and saw these incredible machines for the first time.The sound of the Lemans cars was awesome.Walking onto the tire bridge that has the track directly below it was also a major adenaline rush with the cars buzzing by at ear ringing levels.
When I arrived at home I said to myself the makers of Gran Turismo need to get the sounds of these cars right and they even need to add a more of the cars to the game don't get me wrong the game is almost flawless but a few more cars like the Saleen S7,BMW M3,and the Lemans champion Audis would be a major boost to Gran Turismo 4.
Please consider these next 4 ideas for GT4-
1.Also an added visual the fire that comes from the exaust pipes of the race cars.
2.Improve the sounds of the cars
3.I noticed that some tracks have PA Systems why not have them blaring track announcements at some of them when you go buzzing by.
4.Bring back red rock valley track from the 2nd Gran Turismo.

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Dec 18, 2001
6.) bring back Rome Night
7.) bring back High Speed Ring
8.) bring back the Auntumn Ring
9.) make a second track from the Route 11 that takes the original path, instead of the construction route
10.) have the original Test Course also
11.) ambient sounds??? like water wind and birds, as well as the cheering that's already there.
13.) control how much you can mess up your race... like when you hit a cars rear bumper with your front bumper, it should loose control almost instantly... or if you go over huge bumps, you should be able to roll completely over, or if you skid sideways, be able to roll over a few times, and use the select button for the car reset button. Just be sure to make this as an option, as many people want the style of racing as before... just to add a little fun to the game... like a "True simulation" mode
14.) Reverse lights... pleeeaaaasssseeee
15.) can't we ever have the joy of flashing our headlights @ the other player?
16.) it would also be funny if we could use the turn signals ... rofl
17.) improve the car's coasting, so it's not so much like you're braking... that gets kinda irritating in cornering. The car should be able to just coast for quite a while.
18.) more audible tire skidding is a must... how can you fine tune your steering or acceleration if you aren't aware that your tires are spinning or slipping?????????????
19.) Pontiac
20.) bring back gt2's fords
21.) what happened to the idea of drag racing?
22.) come on, we liked those muscle cars
23.) aerodynamic kits that produce visual differences on the cars
24.) let us explore the tracks a little ... lol... even if it means having a mode where the walls don't effect us... hey, it would be nice seeing how fast our cars can really go... especially with the wheelie cheat
25.) keep the wheelie cheat... it's friggin hilarious!

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there's too many ideas to list for GT4...

Dec 19, 2001
but no matter how good they get car sounds, they only way you'll get that kind of feeling is by getting 1000 watt speakers with a 48 inch woofer and cranking the volume....or something.
Try that with GT3, they do have pretty good sound...

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RE: Also...

Dec 19, 2001
26.) Ferrari's!!!!!!!!

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RE: to multimediaman

Dec 31, 2001
how did you do the wheelie cheat in gt2??

one time at band camp....
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