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Oct 18 2009
By: RonChaz I Only Post Everything 984 posts

MCLA collectables are considered CHEATS?

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I just got this game yesterday for my PS3. I have it for my PSP (Remix).


Right off the bat I could not pick my nose without getting arrested. Arrested and losing the little bit of money that the races pay.


I read that getting the barrels - would get rid of the cops. In PSP version the collectables give you money.


I found a map - started getting the barrels. Even with the map some of them are very hard to find and ......... you ALWAYS (amost) get arrested and have to start all over looking.


I just read it was considered USING A CHEAT. I have no interest in using cheats in any game.


Why am I looking for the barrels? If you find them you are CHEATING and can not progress in the game. I don't get it.


What is the advantage of getting barrels in this version? If it is considered cheating - why look for them in the first place?


What can I do to deal with all the cops? (without cheating) 


What are the 9,000,000 (seems like it) things that cause the cops to arrest you? I know you can't pick your nose or tOOt or run over the grass or or or but ........ what can you do (besides park).


I don't think the cops are ....... cool anymore. They now have me paranoid - (like going off in the grass in GT5p) 


If the finding the barrels is cheating and stops your progress - why in the world are they even in the game?


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Hekseville Citizen
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Re: MCLA collectables are considered CHEATS?

Oct 18, 2009
the barrels unlock cheats, but they don't activate them so you can still collect them without ruining the game, i don't use the cheats either but i'm a sucker for collecting things, and you get a trophy for it.

the cops....are cops, don't speed, don't drive on the wrong side of the road and don't run red lights - no problems ..... or be a street racer, do all of those things then high tail it out of there and loose them
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I Only Post Everything
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Re: MCLA collectables are considered CHEATS?

Oct 19, 2009

Ok ..... I've stopped looking for the collectibles. In Remix they were a "good thing" in this game if you use them it is cheating.


I'll wait until much later to find the rest of them.


I am slowing adjusting to the differences in the two games.


I winning races but the money is still very slow. I hope the "purse" picks up later. I would like to get a car I kind of like - vs. this give away car.


I am also slow to adjust to the different controls - trying to figure out why I can't lock on a target location (not a race) but since I am stopping the barrel search - I guess that don't matter too much now.


I am finally getting the hang of the police scanner some - that helps.


I will get the hang of it. I was let down to find out the barrels just allowed the use of "cheats". It is none of my business what other do but - I don't use cheats. AFTER someone completes the game I can see using them for variations I guess.


My money sure is slow to build. Maybe it was this slow in Remix too - I did that one a good while ago.


The good news is ..... I have not been busted in the last 20 minutes lol.


Thanks for your thoughts.



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First Son
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Re: MCLA collectables are considered CHEATS?

Jun 16, 2010

its so awesome but u can get arested because there not on the middle of the street

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: MCLA collectables are considered CHEATS?

Jun 17, 2010
i think the cheats are a ripoff. you should be able to use them online and in career mode. theres no point in having them because when i want to free roam i go to online because i dont want the crappy ai drivers to hit me.
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