Feb 22 2007
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Full Auto 2: Battlines(demo) - leader board info

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When I first downloaded and played the demo I was not very impressed at all.  Graphics seemed somehow a little shotty, the controls seemed awkward, and the overall feel of it wasn't impressive at all I thought.  Then I tried the online Gladiator match.  It's been a lot of fun ever since then and the game (demo) has very much grown on me.
I'm wondering, is there anyway for demo users to access the leader board or see rankings anywhere?
Are demo users even a part of any leader board/ranking?
Also is that particular arena event set up special for demo users only or are there full version owners joining that event also?
-Something for Sony or I guess Sega people to think about:  I would be interested in paying a nominal PSN download fee to have access to leaderboard info.  Anyone else feel that way?

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