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Re: Banned from the TPRA

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Apr 24, 2013

And for the "totally unbiased" testimonial...


Charlie ain't kidding.  He has even booted Tuna, when they showed up with Pirahna teeth.


But all in all, they are an excellent bunch of fish to race with. 


They have point series; real-life team racing (Undie and DayTuna 500s); tuneless; tuned; you name it - if it's fun, chances are they do it. They even encourage folks to organize other events (knowing there can only be 16 per room anyway and there are way more fish in our sea) that sometimes conflict with others.


They are highly creative and a very helpful bunch too.  I consider myself lucky to know them.  


Oh and did I mention?  The fish just wanna have fun!


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