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Feb 03 2013
By: Udo4ever79 First Son 1 posts

stiff analogue stick

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Hi everyone,


I just bought my Vita on December 20th, 2012. I bought the Assassin's creed Liberation bundle along with the official sony starter kit that comes with a pouch and have taken very good care of my device. However, recently I noticed that if I pick up my vita after letting it rest untouched for  an hour or so, the right anologue stick becomes sfiff as if something is preventing it from moving freely. I need to put a little more force on the stick to make it move and, after wiggling it around for a minute the smoothness returns. I must do this all the time. When I compare the right analogue stick to the left one, there is a clear difference between the two. The left analogue stick moves nice and smooth right from the get-go. Any ideas what the problem is? 


I should state that in-game the controls work fine. The resistence I feel is only when I physcially try to move the right stick after letting the Vita rest for a bit. Once I work it in it seems to move almost as smoothly as the left anaolgue stick. The best way I could describe how it feels is by saying that it seems like the stick like the stick is rubbing against some kind of rubber or sticky substance and needs to be "worked into." That beiing said, I'm betting my house that I have spilled nothing on my device. I have not applied pressure on the stick neither as I know there are no R3 buttons on the vita.


so here are my question:

1. Should I send it in for repairs?

2.If so, will sony provide me with a new console, a refurbished one, or the same fixed one?

3. Finally, will they be updating the firmware version once I send it in for repairs. I honestly don't want to go up beyond a certain firmware since they have now started matching the vita memory cards with the vitas. I like to keep my options more opened then that.

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Re: stiff analogue stick

Feb 3, 2013
  1. There is probably no other option for getting it fixed
  2. If you leave it up to Sony then it could be any of those, although a new console is very unlikely.  It is usually a refurbished unit that has already been repaired, but if you specifically request on the repair ticket to wait until your original unit is repaired, then Sony will send you back the same one; if it was going to be repaired anyway.
  3. You should assume that the repair technicians will update the console to the latest System version, if it is not running it already.


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