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Mar 05 2013
By: TOKEN1035 First Son 1 posts

can I transfer my madden13 season from ps3 to my vita

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Hey everyone I just bought a ps vita for one purpose to play my madden season on the go but didnt know that game was not cross play compatible. I was just woundering is there any way to get my season from my ps3 on to my vita???? I seen that you can copy game data online through the playstation plus feature but dont want to spend more money on something that wont work. So if anyone could help inform me a little better on if paying for the plus will allow me to play my season on my vita id appreciate it. Any info will gelp me decide if im going to keep the vita or not thanks in advance
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Re: can I transfer my madden13 season from ps3 to my vita

Mar 5, 2013

Plus is a good value, but it won't work for what you are trying to do.  The Playstation Plus online storage for the Vita, and the online storage for the PS3, are completely separate. It can't be used to move save data between the PS3 and the Vita.  That is done using a different cloud storage system, that is only accessible in-game from games that support cross-save function, such as MLB12 The Show.  As Madden 13 is not a cross-save title, there is no way to copy your PS3 save data to the Vita.  Maybe next year.

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