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Feb 10 2013
By: tviowa First Son 1 posts

Wake-up Club LiveArea reset after swapping memory cards

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I'm new to the Vita, and I was just trying to organize some games/apps between a couple of memory cards. I had been using Wake-up Club on a 4gb card, but then I switched over to an 8gb card and installed the app to see what would happen with data. I noticed that when I put the original card I had been using Wake-up Club on back in, the LiveArea for the game reset (days used count, early risings, etc.) to zero. Going into the app to view my profile, all the stats look correct. So does that LiveArea info just start counting up from zero again?


That kind of brings up the next question I had: I use Wake-up Club daily. Is it possible to install Wake-up Club on both my memory cards and use the same saved data for the app? I have a 4gb I use with PSP games, and an 8gb for PSN downloads/Vita games, and if I happen to switch from one card to the other, I'd like to just not worry about switching back before going to sleep.


Update (2/11): Alarm didn't even go off this morning, so something got messed up. Will just need to restore the original from a backup.


Update (2/12): Deleted the app from the original memory card and restored from backup. Then saved data to the cloud. Worked fine this morning, and all LiveArea stats were correct. Will try installing to the 8gb card tonight and pulling the saved data from the cloud.

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