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Nov 13 2012
By: harrstruman First Son 3 posts

Vita freezes PC (Not the other way around)

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Hello there.


I haven't found anything like this looking around, so I was wondering If anyone here has the same problem.


Basically, my vita freezes my pc almost everytime when it finishes copying and then hibernating. This is how it goes:


-I plug in my vita in order to copy files (Movies, mostly)

-The vita copies from PC selected videos

-If I'm not around, the vita finishes, goes on standby, and then my computer is irresponsive for around 3 minutes, just the mouse still moves, but nothing works. If Im around at that moment, I close the video app on vita, back to the main menu, unplug the cable, and same thing, frozen PC.


Doesn't happen always, but roughly 3 of every 4 times.


Regarding the PC:


-It had two different power sources over the last 12 months

-It had two different motherboards over the same period of time.


The problem was present with every combination of motherboard and power source. Running windows 7 x64 home premium


Any thoughts?

PS: Funny thing, the vita itself never had a freeze in his life (up to this point)

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Re: Vita freezes PC (Not the other way around)

Nov 13, 2012
I have a laptop, new running windows 7 and have had the problem with my laptop freezeing half way threw the copying. Then i have to press and hold the power button on my laptop cause it is froozen and wont do nothing. It dont happen all the time but it happens alot. I find i cant run any other programs when copying from laptop to vita. It aslo happens with my ps3 from timeto time when coping.
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First Son
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Re: Vita freezes PC (Not the other way around)

Nov 13, 2012

**bleep**, seems weird. I've always thought it was a hardware problem, meaning the USB ports on the pc were not functioning properly, but only causing trouble with vita and no other devices?


That's basically why I had two different motherboards at some point, and two different power sources.


I forgot to tell you before, I always have disabled USB charging on the vita.



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