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Mar 01 2013
By: Kepler131 First Son 1 posts

Problems with vita's battery

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My vita start failing on me few days ago, after hours of using, the battery status is always full and everytime my vita goes into sleep mode for a while, It will turn off I have to reset the timer everytime I turn it back on. Since I don't buy that "battery's always full" crap, I try to plug in the charger, it doesn't appear charging and orange light blinks twice then nothing happens after.


I did a extensive google search for this problem and It seems to be my vita has a faulty battery, but I'm not so sure because my vita is still able to turn on for now.


Does anyone else have this problem before? Any solution for it?

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First Son
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Re: Problems with vita's battery

Mar 19, 2013

have you ever dropped the vita?


because i have heard that dropping it can somehow pinch a wire/board and give false readings and hampering the charging mechanism.


and does it mess up when plugged in and turned on?


if not then then it could be a pinched wire leading to the battery and causin the battery to short out and give a false reading


and if left unchecked could lead to the faulty battery that is obviously so heavily documented!!!!


post any extra info and the answers to my questions



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