Jul 24 2012
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Problem with the PSVita

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I had recently gotten the acclaimed PSVita as I've been intrigued by what it's capable of providing in a handheld format. Obviously the most best of technology has some flaws which may have been addressed or is just a genuine unit defect.


I'm hoping if anyone here could help me out on my problem which seems to happen pretty much- at certain points of the systems menus.


Basically- whilst I'm downloading something, I usually switch to see whether my download is going okay via the download manager screen- thing is, whenever I do that; the PSVita starts to pixelate a little on the left and then crashes for no apparent reason. This also happens on occasions at the 'Bubble Home Screen' and the 'Settings Screen'. I do hold down the power button for 30 seconds until I get into safe mode- I've tried rebuilding the database, Restoring the Unit etc.


I'm wondering whether I've got a defective unit- or whether it's the software itself which needs fixing in its next firmware update.


It'll be great if one of you guys could clarify this for me, it'd greatly help my sense of understanding this problem!



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Re: Problem with the PSVita

Jul 24, 2012

It sounds like a defective unit.  We haven't received a significant number of similar reports.  I don't think that it is a System software issue.

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