Nov 20 2012
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PlayStation®Vita Hostname - Network / DHCP

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Hi there. When I access my router to list all devices connected to my network, I see that the PlayStation®Vita is listed but it's host-name (name given to the device, like any other computer, actually, like any other device that I have but the Vita) is empty.


I was wondering if there is a way to give it a name or, at least, use a default system name or information.


Thank you Robot Happy

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Found it!

Nov 20, 2012

Silly me! I was reading a non related post and found my answer.


  1. Go to Settings > Network > Wi-Fi Settings and select the Access Point you are connected to.
  2. On the new screen select Advanced Settings.

Now, on the Advanced Settings screen, there is a DHCP Host Name option. Here you have two options, Do Not Use and Use.


If Do Not Use is selected, well, it'll not show a Host Name when the device is listed on the Router. I'm guessing you can change it for each and every router (Access Point) you connect to, so you can not use a host name when you connect to your local Starbucks, but when you are at home, your Vita will be automatic listed, depending on your settings. But I'm just guessing here.


Anyways, if Use is selected, a new text box will appear right bellow Use, yet on the DHCP Host Name option, select this text box and type whatever you want. I recommend you to use only "-" as special character, nothing else, so pretty much "A" to "Z" and "-".

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