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Dec 28 2012
By: amice101 First Son 1 posts

PSVITA LBP Costume`s Not Able To Get On My Psvita From Ps3

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I bought lots of costumes on my ps3 for my LBP/LittleBigPlanet2 and IM only able to get some/a very small amount of the costumes I bought to put on my psvita from my ps3.  The costumes I bought on my ps3 were.

Here's a list of the costumes which I was able to download and which I wasent.

Yes=I got it alright. No=Dident get.

200AD Costume Kit. Yes

Caver Costume. Yes

Final Fantasy:Cloud Costume. No

Got of War - Level Kit. Yes

Heavenly Sword-Level Kit. Yes

inFAMOUS Costume. No

Thor Costume. No

Uncharted 3: Drake`s Deception. No

Peacock Costume. No

And they are just some of the costume which i was able to see on the psvita market place which i know isent all of them which i bought on my ps3 littlebigplanet.

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