Dec 26 2012
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No memory card with Madden bundle?

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Can anyone explain why the Madden (so called) bundle doesn't come with a memorytcard but Call of Duty does? Is there any way for my kid to play his game or FIFA without the card? On Christmas day? I'm so mad I want to just return it tomorrow for my money back.

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Re: No memory card with Madden bundle?

Dec 26, 2012

The Madden 13 bundle does not come with a memory card, and I have seen nothing anywhere that suggests that it does.  The other game bundles do come with a memory card.  As to why, I suspect the reason is that Sony's cost for Madden 13 is higher than for the other two games, and Sony couldn't include a memory card in the Madden bundle and still make money on it. In general, all Vita games require at least a little space on the memory card, even if the game is on a game card; and therefore you can't play the game without a memory card.  This is the case with FIFA and Madden.  If you don't have a memory card, your kid will have to wait until the stores open on Wednesday to buy one, before he can play any games.

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