Mar 07 2013
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Multiple Memory Cards

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I am looking to buy a larger memory card so that I can start building a library from games bought online.  I'll likely go to the 16GB card even though it is extremely expensive - actually all the cards are.  So what I hope to do is backup the original card (4GB), then restore it on the new card (16GB). So all the old content is on the new card.


Now I want to clear out the old card and keep it in my back pocket to load new games/etc. once in a blue moon - maybe to focus only on a couple games during vacation or other reason. 


Q: What is the process for clearing out the 4GB card so I can start loading new stuff later?  Do I use Content Manager's Format option?

Q2: Is it even possible to have more than one memory card active of a single PS Vita console?  I assumed Sony would allow you to have as many cards as you like as long as you don't exceed their current 100 application limit and they are tied to a single Vita for DRM compliance.



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Re: Multiple Memory Cards

Mar 7, 2013

Backup all data on the memory card using Content Manager to either a PS3 or a PC. Format the card with your Vita in the settings section. Yes you can have as many memory cards as you want.

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